How to Detach + Take a Leap of Faith

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

How to Detach + Take a Leap of Faith

Don’t you love it when things in life are running smoothly? From that unexpected job promotion to unexpected discount at the store, life just seems to keep getting better.

Each time when I feel my health, career, and just about every life category seems to be in alignment, I’ve always wondered how I can maintain that “flow” for as long as possible.

Reflecting back on a number of amazing synchronicities over the last decade, I came to the realize that it is possible to continue to momentum of windfalls. It doesn’t have to be with struggle either.

I use to think I needed to muscle my way through setbacks to achieve any favorable outcome. But detaching from my expectations gives the Universe space to align things for my highest good.

The moment we detach is when the Universe can get to work.

During yoga teacher training, I learned that detaching yourself from a particular outcome decreases your fear of loss. In fact, detaching from the ebbs and flows of favorable events can hugely increase your overall happiness.

Years ago, I detached and took a leap of faith.

In 2013, I cut short an overseas work contract in Asia to return back to Washington DC after five years of job dissatisfaction.

I was also going through a breakup at the time so it certainly felt like my personal and professional world was collapsing all at once.

I needed to start over.

And boy did things start to align as soon as I took that first step. Literally.

Upon landing in Washington DC, I checked into my hotel, walked over to the realtor’s office and asked to see a condo unit that caught my eye during a layover. Within 20-minutes of viewing the dream condo, I put down the offer.

The next morning, I bought the Prius that I’ve been eying for weeks prior to my arrival in town. Two major purchases within 24 hours. Three years later, still no buyers remorse.

I didn’t expect such a windfall when I decided to leap.

In fact, all I wanted was to get out of my miserable situation. Anywhere sounded better than what I felt to be “rock bottom.”

I had no attachment and no expectations of a favorable outcome. Just hoped that the next chapter was going to be better than the last.

My personal and professional life was in that flow for a while.

Sure there were some bad weeks here and there. That’s a natural part of life.

Now this isn’t happily ever after either.

Life is all about learning lessons from the ebbs and flows of changes and the challenges that can come with changes.

Let’s fast forward to March 2016.

Although I switched jobs back in 2013, history was starting to repeat itself. I was getting restless in my corporate job and the office politics was getting to be too much to handle.

After a heated argument with a supervisor, I took it as a sign that it was time to take a leap of faith again. The next day, I walked into my boss’s office to submit my resignation letter.

I quit without a Plan B.

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With over 20 years on my mortgage and a significant amount of student loans to pay off, I should’ve had a Plan B before making such an abrupt exit. But something in my gut told me it was time to go.

I hoped everything was going to work out somehow.

Well things did turn out for the better but it certainly took some blood, sweat, and tears. After two months of soul searching and looking for a new career, I started getting anxious about my bills.

Eventually, I found a new job and life started settling back down again and things were back in that “flow.” Love the job, especially the new work life balance, and all else seems to be falling back into place.

Looking back, although I don’t regret leaving my last two job positions, there certainly were smoother (and more professional!) ways to make the transition to the next chapter in my professional life.

It is possible to continue the momentum of the positive flow without a dramatic struggle.

As things start breaking down before each breakthrough, I learned that by detaching myself from a particular outcome allowed me to fearlessly take that first step in my leap of faith.

Detaching from any specific favorable situation and simply adopting a hopeful outlook that things were going to be ok allowed me to keep an open-mind for more opportunities that I wouldn’t have noticed had I tried.

It allowed the law of attraction to work in my favor. I’m able to attract who and what I want into my life even when it seems like I’m working my way up from rock bottom.

We are all able to live high vibrational lifestyles despite our past.

In fact, regardless of our current challenges, we can still raise our frequency to align with the frequency of where we want to be in life. After all, no matter what “mistakes” or “failures” we’ve made in the past, we have the choice to choose to not allow the past to define us.

Yet, circumstances that were not in our control are sometimes the hardest to get over. It comes down to making the effort to release the negative emotions around the situation to align with a higher frequency.

Feelin’ out of alignment?

Can’t seem to catch a break? No worries, you’re not alone. We all fall in and out of alignment from time to time. When we can’t seem to get out of the funk, it’s time to hit pause.

Taking a moment to ground yourself can help to realign your vibrations to a higher frequency.

Sometimes when I’m extremely out of alignment, I take more than a moment. No, I’m not talking a 15-minute break to cool off after reading a nasty-gram email. I’m talking I hit the pause button for days, if not months.

So when everything in life seems to be out of alignment, where does one begin to realign? Take small but consistent steps in your energetic self-care.

For instance, you may recognize that you spent a lot of time with a friend that was emotionally depleting your energy. Scale back on the texts, phone calls, and meet-ups.

Through small steps, you may even determine that the friendship doesn’t need to continue. Or you learn how to set firm energetic boundaries for a healthier relationship.

The only thing constant in life is change.

During the chaotic periods in my life, even if I stood still for a year, change was going to happen regardless...for better or for worse. The key was to take small steps each day to raise my vibrational frequency.

Ready to detach and take a leap of faith? Be sure to get your financial ducks in a row!

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Hit a glass ceiling in your career? Got stubborn money blocks? Your money chakra, aka root chakra, may be unbalanced.

The key to clear blocks getting in your way of being in the energetic flow is to align yourself to vibrate at the frequency of where you want to be in life.

By incorporating a holistic approach, you are better able to raise your vibrations to attract financial abundance.

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How to Detach + Take a Leap of Faith