How to Create a Website in 5-Minutes

Years ago, I use to spend hundreds of dollars to have web developers and web designers help me set up a website. I would hesitate to make big changes to my blog out of fear that one click can erase all their hard work.

And yes, it has happened before.

I’m still not tech savvy. But these days, I can create a website on Wix in just a few steps. In fact, it took me less than 5-minutes to set up

That’s right! Gone are the days of spending weeks to create a solid website. More importantly, gone are the days of spending hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on website support!

Below are the five steps I took to create NotABondGirl on Wix.

1. Select a template.

Wix offers dozens of free customizable templates to choose from. Once you found your fav, click on “Edit” to begin customizing the website’s look and feel to make it your own.

Step 2: Make it your own.

Customize the design of your template or blog page to fit your style. Replace the template stock images with your own pictures.

You can also reorganize the layout, change colors, choose fonts and add or remove elements on the page. Think you’re going to change your mind later?

No problemo. You can always change any part of your site later down the line.

Step 3: Select your website name.

Choose the name for your site. Be sure to check and see if a domain name is available. To do so, visit the domains page on Wix and enter the name of your site. Once you have selected your website name, save the blog with the new name.

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Step 4: Write the title + description.

Click the Pages Menu. Select Home Page then Page SEO. Add your custom title and description in the text boxes. The title and description should include the key phrases about your site.

Note: Your title appears at the top of a Google result. It should be less than 60 characters long and include the name of your blog. Your description appears below your title. It should summarize what your blog is about. Keep it under 160 characters.

Step 5: Connect your domain.

When you are ready to connect your custom domain, consider the Premium Plans. Most plans come with a free domain for one year. For my website, I chose the Combo plan which costs about $10/month.

The Premium Plans allows for more storage space, a wider bandwidth and the ability to connect your blog to Google Analytics so you can track the traffic to your blog.

From the Wix editor, click on Upgrade. Select the plan that best fits your needs. You’ll receive a coupon for your one year free domain and be invited to connect a custom domain to your brand new blog.

Start choosing your free template here!

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