How to Counterbalance Emotional Fatigue

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

Feeling drained lately? As an empath or highly sensitive person, do you sometimes feel depleted even though you haven’t done much all day? Being emotionally sensitive has its benefits, but sometimes it doesn’t feel that way huh?

If you find yourself drained from a day of work emails and social media, it’s time to set energetic boundaries.

FaceBook posts, Instagram photos, Twitter feeds. The list of outlets that take up our mental and emotional energy goes on and on.

If you’re an empath or highly sensitive person, it can feel energetically depleting. There’s a lot of noise to sift through out there.

In today’s highly digitized world of communication, negative comments can be thrown left and right with anonymity and ease. This makes it especially tough for empaths who tend to pick up other people’s energy easily.

It can also be tough to emotionally detach when around a lot of heavy energy throughout the day.

Whether it is a negative review or a mean post, “not letting it get to you” and taking the high road tends to be easier said than done.

Over the years of running a blog biz, I’ve had my fair share of dealing with trolls and haters. Though I’ve come across only a few negative comments, I’ll be honest, the negative comments stung for a lot longer than it should.

Though my head knows better than to let unkind comments bother me, it just hurts to be misunderstood, disrespected, or “rejected." And why is it always around the holidays that people with nothing nice to say start reaching out spew negativity?

So how does one take the high road when it comes to the online world? To counterbalance emotional fatigue, here are my top 3 ways to help you set energetic boundaries.

How to Counterbalance Emotional Fatigue; counterbalance emotional fatigue, emotional detachment, increase positive energy flow

1. Digital Detox

If unplugging completely for a full day is just not possible, start with baby steps. If it feels like your livelihood depends on social media, start with spending 30 minutes less each day or blocking off only an hour for social media.

Maybe remove some time sucking game apps on your phone and then slowly make your way up from there. Going on a 24-hour digital detox can do wonders for the soul. If you can do so for 48-hours, even better!

By unplugging from social media, emails, and phone calls, we are better able to fill up our tank. We essentially create room for positive energy flow.

2. Re-prioritize

If you could name five people in your circle to be on your “board of directors” in life, who would it be? This could be one individual but no more than five people.

We drive ourselves crazy when we make certain individuals a priority who only make us an “option". Too much energy is wasted ruminating over what other people think of us.

The key to setting boundaries for yourself is to assess who and what you value. Prioritize those opinions that should matter in your life.

Ultimately, use their opinions as a compass but not strictly a source of validation. Your intuition should be the ultimate source of validation.

3. Block

Sometimes it can be tiring to keep having to reinforce boundaries, so it’s time to block some profiles, emails, and simply unsubscribe. Though I rarely read online reviews and comments, I do receive a few emails that don’t usually get filtered by my mailbox system.

When I do occasionally come across hate mail or negative comments, I don’t respond. Why contribute any of my time and energy into such negative vibrations?

It’d be like going down a black hole that will take both parties absolutely nowhere. I simply block the trolls and haters or change my privacy settings on social media. Here are more ways to deal with those online trolls and haters.

If you’ve been feeling “off”, recognize your dominant thoughts throughout the day.

Keep this awareness in mind in order to cultivate positive thoughts. Our thoughts create our reality. So when we have positive thoughts or are simply expressing gratitude, our thoughts influence how we feel, our health, and energy level.

Whenever we find ourselves wrapped up in or surrounded by a lot of negativity, it’s suggested we increase the amount of time, thought, and energy we direct toward positive behavior. Cultivating consciousness around our daily thoughts are important as our thoughts create our emotional, physical, and energetic reality.

One of the best ways to counterbalance emotional fatigue is through self-compassion.

It’s easy to forget to have compassion for ourselves. But self-compassion helps to raise our vibrational frequency. When we raise our vibes, we are better able to manifest who and what we want into our lives.

Raising your vibrations also helps you attract more wealth and wellness (wealthness)! Achieve financial freedom like a boss.

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How to Counterbalance Emotional Fatigue; counterbalance emotional fatigue, emotional detachment, increase positive energy flow