How to Clear the Throat Chakra to Attract Wealth

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

The throat chakra is the fifth chakra of the seven main energy centers in your body. It impacts the ability to speak truthfully and live authentically in order to be in alignment with your purpose. When in alignment with your authentic self, you are better able to attract positive energy flow. As money is energy, a balanced throat chakra can increase your potential to attract wealth.

Chakras are energy centers.

The chakras spin in a column from the crown of the head to the tailbone. Each time your meridians cross, that junction is called a chakra. The seven main chakras are energetic centers located at your endocrine glands.

The lower three major chakras are considered masculine in nature and call us to action. They help to ground us and are usually concerned with the material world.

The upper three major chakras are feminine in nature and are associated with self-reflection and the spiritual aspects of life. It is important that each chakra be balanced in relationship to each other.

When your chakras are balanced, energy is able to freely flow through your energetic system. Having balanced chakras impacts your aura, your energetic field. A balanced and cleansed aura will allow you to attract positive energy.

How does the throat chakra impact money flow?

When it comes to money flow, having good communication skills can help you in your career and business. For instance, you may be better able to negotiate a higher salary or communicate your value to potential clients.

Being able to speak your truth and be authentic can help you be in alignment with a higher vibrational frequency. According to the law of attraction, when you raise your vibrations, you are better able to attract positive outcomes. How so?

Energy flows where intention goes.

When you raise your energetic vibrations through living authentically, you are better able to attract what you need for your highest good.

When balanced, the energy from the throat chakra allows for open communication and honest self-expression. When imbalanced, you may struggle to convey your true thoughts and feelings.

Limiting beliefs around money, negative emotions, unhealthy foods, and lack of exercise can adversely impact the chakras. The long term effects could lead to mental, emotional, and physical imbalances or blocks in the chakras.

Is your throat chakra blocked?

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Constantly comparing yourself with others on Instagram or FaceBook? Always trying to show off your latest purchases?

Having trouble being honest about your finances? When is the last time you took a look at each line item on your credit card statement?

Money is energy. Blocks in the fifth chakra can affect your ability to be in honest with yourself in terms of your spending habits and other money mindset challenges. Thus, the blocks can negatively impact your path to financial freedom.

Assess your money history to identify blocks.

Growing up, my parents fought about money all the time. We lived paycheck to paycheck...barely. Overtime, I saw money as a scarce resource. I also saw it as evil and a source of power to control relationships.

It took me a while to shift out of a scarcity into an abundance mindset. In fact, it’s still an ongoing practice to bust through limiting beliefs around money. Developing an abundance mindset can be a lifelong learning process even if it just takes a few steps.

How to clear the throat chakra to attract wealth:

To balance your chakras, you can incorporate simple steps throughout your busy day…even if you only have minutes to spare. By consistently taking small steps to balance your chakras, you’ll not only be able to clear blocks, but also raise your vibrations to attract abundance.

There are numerous ways to balance and clear your throat chakra. This includes eating foods associated with the colors of the chakra to practicing yoga where particular poses help to open up the chakra.

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Energy healing is like maintaining a clean home. You need to keep up with the housework, clean the kitchen, bathroom, and so forth. This way, you can have a more relaxing space to manifest and keep your vibrational frequency high.

Reflect on the following questions to assess your throat chakra:

1. Do you have beliefs around money that cause you to interpret things in a negative way?

2. Are you honest about your finances with yourself and partner?

3. What small steps can you do to track your spending and savings that will help improve your net worth?

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Daily activities to clear the throat chakra:

1. Sing, even if it’s only you in the shower! Singing opens up the throat chakra.

2. Pause. Take a moment to organize your thoughts. Be comfortable with your own ideas and opinions.

3. Wear blue. Blue is associated with the throat chakra and helps open up your communication channel.

Yoga poses and sequences can open and align the energy centers of the body.

A well-tuned asana practice can free up energy and stimulate imbalances in the energy centers. This provides a sense of balance, grounding, and calmness in life off the yoga mat.

Arm balance poses, upper torso twists, and deep breathing work are a few of the many yoga exercises that help to open up the throat chakra. Here are more yoga pose suggestions to balance all the chakras.

What’s the best way to clear blocks getting in your way of being in the energetic flow?

Align yourself to vibrate at the frequency of where you want to be in your finances. By incorporating a holistic approach, you are better able to raise your vibrations to attract financial abundance.

How often should you clear your chakras?

Just like maintaining a clean home and work environment, your chakras need to be maintained too! Like taking a shower or brushing your teeth. If you don’t do it consistently, the bad unwanted stuff builds up.

Ever wake up with a stiff neck? Our physical bodies have a way of telling us when it’s time for some in house cleaning.

Whether it’s a cold or canker sore, it’s best to listen to our bodies and recognize it may be time to clear each of the chakras.

Feel it to heal it.

Personally, whenever I wake up with a stiff neck, it indicates that there is something I need to let go. I’m holding on to an issue and the internalization is manifesting into physical tension in my shoulder area.

Many times we think we’ve already moved past a horrible life experience. This could be through forgiveness, therapy, confronting the person, or all the above.

But the thing is, our past is always going to be a part of us. It makes us the person we are today.

Every so often, especially during the full moon, certain negative feelings may surface when we come across a thought or anything that triggers our memory of a negative past experience.

That’s perfectly normal!

Let go of the guilt and shame.

The key is to not judge ourselves for getting emotional or upset. Allow the feelings to surface and release it in the healthiest way possible.

There are three main ways our energetic bodies release emotions through our physical bodies. That is by crying it out, sweating it out, or writing it out. So the choice is yours!

Setting your intention is key. After all, energy flows where intention goes. Before doing any of the activities, set your intention. For example, you might set the intention to take small but consistent steps each day to improve your net worth.

Clear your money chakra!

Feeling stuck in your career? Got stubborn money blocks? Your money chakra, aka root chakra, may be unbalanced.

The key to clear blocks getting in your way of being in the energetic flow is to align yourself to vibrate at the frequency of where you want to be in life.

By incorporating a holistic approach, you are better able to raise your vibrations to attract financial abundance.

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