How to Build a Profitable Business When You Don't Know How to Market Online

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

What are major causes of business failure? What are the reasons for business success? Whether you're just starting your business or a few years in, the entrepreneurial world can be a big mystery. One thing for sure is that success is never linear.

Studies show that a high percentage of businesses fail within the first three years. But maybe that's not always such a bad thing. Lots of business fails lead to something even better than the entrepreneur imagined. And if anything, the failures are merely stepping stones in the right direction.

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Many profitable business owners will say that overnight success took five to 10 years. It also took many years of testing and failing along the way. The secret sauce just might be to fail fast and adjust accordingly.

Not sure where to start with marketing online?

More and more businesses are using Pinterest to market products and services. But is Pinterest a good fit for all businesses? More importantly, is Pinterest right for your business?

Whether your business is selling products, services or both, let's cover some of the basics first.

Pinterest has potential for both local and global companies alike. This includes online businesses and brick and mortar shops.

Many Pinterest users (pinners) are are actively looking for information and inspiration. Pinners tend to be in a buyers mindset when on Pinterest because they are researching a product or service.

In addition, unlike posts on other social media sites, Pinterest pins can show up in a users feed months after posting. The half-life of a pin is around 3.5 months.

Ready to market your business on Pinterest?

Recently, Pinfinite Marketing helped a client increase target audience reach by over 3000% on Pinterest. No ads needed. That's right....all organic reach.

The most powerful benefit of Pinterest is that it has a soaring potential for traffic generation. Each pin that a company pins to Pinterest is able to include a direct link to the website.

For this reason, Pinterest effectively increases traffic to your website. Drive more quality website traffic by leveraging Pinterest as a search engine tool. Not sure how to increase brand awareness in a saturated market?

Let's mastermind on how to create multiple incomes streams for your business on Pinterest.

Don't have a blog? Don't have a website yet? No problemo.

We'll cover how to increase sales in your target market by leveraging your content, drive brand awareness to your specific niche, establish expertise and build a loyal following that organically grows with your business.

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