How to Be in Alignment with Your Future Self

Having trouble with an ongoing issue? Can’t seem to manifest your next breakthrough? Envision the future you in order to get a boost over your block. Psychologists call this exercise “encoding prospective memories.” It goes hand in hand with affirmations, mantras and various energy healing techniques!

How? It trains your brain to believe that your goal is already accomplished making you more likely to make choices that fit your future self.

Energetically speaking, you are aligning your current vibrations to match the frequency of where you want to be.

Relationship issues? Envision yourself already having resolved the tension. Procrastinating on a project? Envision yourself already having accomplished the task...and celebrating the success!

The key is to put your feelings and emotions into these alignment sessions.

By doing so, you are ramping up your vibrational frequency even more to attracting opportunities that bring the desired outcome. Without the feelings and emotions behind your visualizations, it’s as if you are simply going through the motions.

If you are having trouble visualizing your future self, write a letter to your present self from your future self. In the letter, imagine looking back and thanking yourself for all the things you did or sacrificed to manifest your desires. Be sure to tell yourself how it was totally worth all the effort!

Need an example to get started? Here’s a letter I wrote from my future self…

Hello future self,

This has been the best year ever! Heck, every year since you started your blog, it has been miracles after miracles. You have grown with the women you’ve inspired and supported over the years.

Can you believe it? This year you’ve helped over 1000 busy women find peace and balance through energy healing. *high five*

You helped Sally get over her divorce. Melanie change her mindset about money. Kathy with her anxiety. Julies has you to thank for helping her figure out her life purpose! So many women have written in to thank you for your Reiki course and healing services!

Your energy healing strategies have helped these women get back on their feet. Go girl! These women consider you their mentor and lifelong friend. Many of them have even gone on to become Reiki practitioners helping others overcome setbacks!

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Biz aside, you really were able to walk your talk. You put those Reiki and yoga principles to use! That is, you’ve truly forgive certain family members, which you thought would not be possible.

You genuinely had compassion for people who judged you for being different. You have an infallible sense of peace and balance in your personal life.

After all, life is about learning lessons to grow your soul. And you pretty much had a spiritual growth spurt this year! What a journey it has been for your personal development. The miracles that happened along the way...well, there are just no words.

Thank you for following your passion despite all the frustrations along the way. Thank you for listening to your intuition even when it didn’t seem to make sense at first. Most of all, thank you for not letting what others think stop you.

Much love + light...

Ready to take it a step further?

Then it’s time to incorporate energy healing techniques to create that life you desire!

More people around the world are beginning to pursue Reiki treatments for their health, finances, relationships, careers, and animals.

There’s been a lot of hype around the health benefits of Reiki energy healing despite the holistic practice having been around for centuries. In fact, Reiki has been covered quite a bit in mainstream media, from Newsweek, The Drs, Oprah, and even Vanity Fair.

Celebrity health expert Dr. Oz suggests Reiki to many clients who wish to lose weight to those who are simply pursuing a healthy lifestyle.

Regardless of the hype, Reiki has been used to enhance the effectiveness of various healing modalities for many decades. The healing energy will go where it is needed and do what is needed to facilitate shifts and natural healing.

Ready to incorporate simple Reiki healing techniques to align with your future self?

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How to Be in Alignment with Your Future Self