How to be in Alignment with the Universe to Attract Wealth

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

Feeling out of alignment with your purpose? Not even sure what your purpose is these days? Then it’s time to take steps to align with the Universe. When aligned with universal energy, we align with our purpose and thereby attract wealth.

We are constantly in and out of alignment with the Universe.

Taking steps to align with our purpose is part of our soul’s journey. Being in alignment with the Universe raises our vibrational frequency.

When our vibes are high, we are better able to attract positive energy flow.

After all, money is energy. So when we are in alignment, our positive energy attracts more positive energy flow (wealth).

Manifest financial breakthroughs by aligning with the energy of the Universe.

But how does one align with universal energy? When we are feeling stressed, it’s harder to raise our vibrations to align with the Universe.

Alignment takes small but consistent baby steps of releasing negativity.

Circumstances that were not in our control can feel difficult to surrender to the Universe. It can generate much anxiety and frustration. By shifting our thought patterns and releasing negative emotions, we are better able to align our vibrations to a higher frequency.

From rock bottom to alignment...

Not too long ago, I resigned from my soul sucking 9-5 without another job lined up. After eight years in the public sector, I had enough of the office politics. Yet, it was a great career that allowed for travel, great health benefits, and professional development beyond imaginable.

Time to end the misery.

Around year five of the career track, I felt like it was time to move on. The work itself was not resonating with me anymore.

At the same time, I had over 20 years left on the mortgage. I also had student loans to pay off and other major financial considerations.

By year six, my professionalism at the office reflected my personal misery.

It was such a juxtaposition as I was becoming more involved in the yoga community but was a pitbull at the office. I saw the contrast as an assignment from the Universe. That was, to energetically detach from the negativity of office drama.

By year seven, enough was enough.

I did my best with what resources and knowledge I had to shine my light. But it was time to shine that light elsewhere. So I transitioned to part-time at the office and taught yoga and Reiki outside of work.

By year eight, I knew I was stalling.

I was giving into fear. I was so attached to the security of a stable job and simply got use to being miserable. I figured if everyone else around me seemed to hate their job, I can stick it out too.

Yet, the Universe kept on nudging me to choose freedom.

This was in the form of passive aggressive managers and a worsening toxic work environment. I felt as if I was restricted by the circumstances but it was just an illusion.

After the zillionth meltdown, it finally dawned on me that I didn’t need to wait around for someone or something to come to the rescue. I could free myself.

I needed to start believing in myself and trusting the Universe. My own perceptions of “happiness” and “security” was holding me back.

The moment I chose to tune into the loving frequency of universal energy, everything in life became divine opportunities. Not just opportunities that were job-related, but opportunities for optimal growth, health and most importantly freedom.

Once I resigned, recruiters started calling…

Taking a leap of faith when changing careers is not for everyone. Ideally, I would have liked to take incremental steps to land the next job.

But if only success was linear! I had given up on applications that I had submitted months ago.

Once I took the first step to do what was right for me, opportunities started surfacing left and right. In addition, my blog reached 75,000 views in a month and sales hit an all time high.

There was no way I could have seen this coming. The moment I surrendered the outcome of how I wanted my career to pan out, the Universe got to work.

It was co-creation time like whoa.

Each day for three months, I did at least one thing that led me a step closer to how I wanted to feel when I was in a career path that I loved. I knew I wanted to feel freedom first and foremost.

So I worked on doing activities that aligned with feeling a sense of freedom.

I did these activities at my own pace and on my own schedule. It was freeing to be able to be in control of my own time!

I traveled to Sedona to kick off my “eat, pray, love” journey. Upon return, I surrounded myself with self-help books and podcasts. I took naps whenever I was tired mid-day, stayed up until 2am watching YouTube, and got up whenever I wanted.

By following the energy surrounding freedom, I was aligning my frequency to match the frequency of where I ultimately wanted to be in the next stage of my life.

Although there was not steady stream of income coming in, I worked on my abundance mindset. I trusted that the Universe was setting me up for success.

Pauses in life where only rest stops to create momentum to springboard forward.

I worked on my money mindset while the Universe aligned opportunities that matched my higher frequency.

Thinking about leaving your 9-5 too?

One thing I learned from my career transition is how important it is to have my finances in order. Before making any major career decisions, the one thing that can greatly ease the anxious mind is having a solid emergency fund.

Need help getting your financial ducks in a row? Here is how I built my emergency fund in 6 months BEFORE I resigned.

Can I get a roadmap to happiness?

One of my favorite analogies is that the navigating life is like driving in the dark. I’m only able to see a few yards in front of me. But that is all I need at the moment to get to where I’m meant to go.

Seeing my destination at the end of the long road does not necessarily mean I’ll be able to get there quicker. After all, life is about the journey, not the destination.

The key to releasing control is to let go of the need for a “state of the art GPS”. A “cartoon map” is what we are usually given to work with and that’s because we have the freedom to create our journey.

Financial independence retire early (FIRE) like a boss!

Get FIRE’d up about financial freedom!

There are a endless ways to create side hustle income and reach FIRE. Investing in stocks, owning rental property, creating your own online biz, and so forth.

But it doesn’t mean you need to do it all. Just pick 1 or 2 that gets you excited.

Everyone's financial situation and personal interests is unique. It’s important to try out different side hustles to see what works best for you.

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How to be in Alignment with the Universe to Attract Wealth