How to Audit Your Pinterest Account to Increase Traffic

How to Audit Your Pinterest Account to Increase Traffic

Is your Pinterest account optimized to drive website traffic? Not any 'ol traffic, but quality traffic that increases lead conversion?

A Pinterest account audit is key to building a solid SEO strategy. And that strategy is essential for making money. Before creating multiple income streams using Pinterest, let's start with an audit template. Once the foundation is squared away, we'll dive into strategies to create passive and active income streams!


What is your end goal? For example:

  • Optimize Pinterest as a search engine tool in order to drive website traffic and ultimately increase sales.

  • Leverage current blog content to build following and improve Google analytics.

Target Market

Who is your ideal customer avatar (ICA)?

For example: Career women seeking mental and physical wellness. The ICA has trouble sleeping at night and has little time for self-care. Due to various stressors in work and life, the ICA feels out of alignment with her authentic self.

The ICA is on Pinterest seeking tips on different healthy ways to reduce anxiety. These tips include meditation, mindfulness, affirmations and other ways to improve her quality of life.

How to Audit Your Pinterest Account to Increase Traffic

ICA Pinterest profiles:

Find 3 Pinterest profiles that align with your ICA. To do this, enter frequently asked questions of your ICA in the Pinterest search bar.

In the search results, you'll find profiles of users who have saved pins related to the FAQ on your topic/pain point.

Competitor/Target Market Analysis:

Similar to finding your ICA Pinterest profiles, use the same method to conduct a target market analysis. Click below for examples of a target market analysis.

Case Study: Pinterest Account Audits

Refer to the below Pinterest business account audits for examples of how to optimize pins and boards.

How to Increase Lead Conversions:

Keyword Analysis:

Keywording helps fuel search engine optimization (SEO). A solid SEO strategy leads to an increase in organic reach.

Start with your target market’s frequently asked questions. What questions do you get asked the most about your business?

Then work backwards to determine those key words.

Not sure what specific search terms are your target audience entering into the Google search bar?

Conduct keyword analysis in Google: “FAQ [insert topic]”

For example, since I write a lot about Pinterest SEO, I would enter "FAQ Pinterest" or "FAQ SEO" or "FAQ Pinterest SEO"

How to Audit Your Pinterest Account to Increase Traffic

Pinterest Profile Recommendation:

Insert key words in your bio profile where possible. You can even include your opt-in link in your profile description to increase lead conversion!

Pinterest Pin + Board Recommendations:

  • Create pins and infographics directing to blogs, web pages, and other social media accounts

  • Keyword and hashtag optimize each pin title and description

  • Upload any videos onto relevant boards

Create multiple income streams with simple Pinterest strategies.

Whether you are looking for another side hustle or to run a full-time biz, there are countless ways to make money on Pinterest.

Not sure how to start? The possibilities are Pinfinite! Start with a FREE Pinterest Audit!

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How to Audit Your Pinterest Account to Increase Traffic