How to Access Your Akashic Records

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

Interested in accessing your Akashic Records? Did you know you don’t have to go to a medium, psychic or healer to access the Akashic Records? There are a number of ways to access the records on your own through meditation and other practices.

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What are the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records are a compendium of all human events, thoughts, words, emotions and intent ever to have ever occurred. The records are encoded in the etheric plane.

Your soul has a unique mission. Many refer to this mission as your dharma or soul purpose. Accessing your past lives and the Akashic Records can help to uncover that mission. It can help provide clear, tangible guidance for how to fulfill it.

Akashic Tarot

The Akashic Tarot is a useful tool for unveiling insights from the Akashic Records. The 62-card deck and guidebook helps individuals connect with their natural intuitive abilities in order to access the Records.

The Akashic Tarot is designed to access the energy and information that make up the Akashic Records. After all, the Records offer much wisdom that transcend time and space.

The deck and guidebook also helps individuals connect with their spirit guides, Ascended Masters, angels, and loved ones in spirit. With the turn of a card, you can enter the Akashic World!

Interested to accessing your Akashic Records?

Check out the Akashic Tarot deck and guidebook here!

Guided Meditation

There are a number of guided meditations and apps online to help you access the Akashic Records. Here are 10 tips to remember when you are in the meditative state.

How to Access Your Akashic Records

1. Release any concerns about whether you are meditating correctly. Relax and have fun.

2. Setting the intention to enjoy the process helps you to keep an open mind.

3. As you prepare to enter your meditative state, you might have questions about a current life situation. Start the meditation with an open-ended question. For instance, “Why do I feel like I can’t move forward?”

4. There’s no right or wrong way to access the Akashic Records. It’s ok if you are not following the guided queues exactly as told.

5. Connect with your intuition. The information received might be connected to things you already know, facts remembered, personal interests, or dreams you have had in this life.

Check out the Akashic Tarot deck and guidebook here!

6. You may continue to receive information even after the meditation is over. Your memories might expand and connect with you when you least expect it. For instance, you may receive information when your mind is relaxed, such as when you are showering, cleaning the home, or while you sleep.

7. In the Akasha, time is not linear. Go with the flow by being in the moment with your experience.

8. There is no need to plan or control anything. The Records will take care of everything.

9. Each experience within the Akasha is perfect and exactly what you most need for your personal well-being and highest good.

10. Even if you do not receive any images or messages related to your past lives, it could be because your Higher Self would like you to focus on healing. Sometimes, in order to gain clarity about a current life challenge, we are better off healing before receiving guidance on next steps forward.

As with any new skill, practice helps with skill development. Like building a muscle, results don’t happen overnight. Consistent practice is the way to go!

Through practice, many are able to access the Akashic Records to achieve a desired goal, heal a specific situation, and learn lessons. Most importantly, accessing the records can help raise your vibrations to better attract who and what you need for your highest good.

Interested to accessing your Akashic Records?

Check out the Akashic Record Book here!