How I Save Money By Hiring a CPA

How I Save Money By Hiring a CPA
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Tax prep anxiety is no joke. And for the entrepreneur readers, business taxes is another set of challenges. When it comes to personal and biz taxes, I like to outsource to save time and energy. After all, my time and energy...and priceless! Here are several ways I save money by working with a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) each year.

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Money is energy.

When my W2’s and other tax forms use to come in the mail, I would cringe. But since hiring my CPA Amy Northard, my blood pressure no longer spikes.

When April approaches each year, I sleep easily knowing that my CPA Amy Northard has already ensured I received the biggest tax refund possible.

Her prices are great for the amount of time and energy I save each year. After all, money is time and energy. We only have a finite amount of it!

You can check out Amy’s latest tax and bookkeeping tips on her website. Ask her questions or get in touch with Amy herself here!

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Take the stress out of every tax season.

No one I know likes to pay taxes. Though when you have to pay taxes, it does indicate you’re making money. So there’s a silver lining in that!

As a law abiding US citizen, I pay my taxes each year. But it doesn’t mean I enjoy it. So I also make an effort to see where I can increase my tax refund (and lower my taxable income).

Keeping up with changes in tax laws.

Over the years of running a blog biz and doing my personal taxes on my own, it’s not always easy to be on top of all my all my finances.

I’m a homeowner too. But I never can keep up to date with the latest tax advantages, especially with the constant changes in tax regulations.

As a blog biz owner, I was floundering my first tax season. I swore never again to put myself under that much unnecessary stress.

Personal and/or business tax help!

Since then, I’ve been working with a CPA. As mentioned, her name is Amy Northard and I’ve sharing all the great biz finance tips I’ve learned from her throughout this website.

Amy is a business owner herself! She works with creative entrepreneurs to make taxes and bookkeeping less stressful.

If you need to understand the ins-and-outs of your business financials. Bookkeeping and taxes are not optional. But you’re in luck!

Amy has saved me hours each year on business taxes and bookkeeping! If you are interested in getting support on your biz finances, now you know who I go to!

Schedule a free chat with Amy here!

How I Save Money By Hiring a CPA