How I Reached 2 Million Monthly Views on Pinterest

How I Reached 2 Million Monthly Views on Pinterest

Pinfinite Marketing's monthly views on Pinterest grew to 1.2 million in less than a week. Within a month, the monthly views increased to 2 million.

By repurposing videos on Pinterest as STORY pins, monthly views increase from 300K to over a million.

While monthly views don't reflect link clicks, the growth helps to build brand awareness and increase views of other pins.

Story vs Video Pins?

Story Pins give people more ways to share ideas with up to 20 pages of images and text. Video Pins help to tell a more comprehensive story about your brand and business. Currently, Story Pins have a higher organic reach than Video Pins.

The number of monthly unique viewers is the number of times any of the pins you shared appear in a Pinterest feed.

This includes views of your own content and content you have saved from other sites.

Whether people click on it or not.

In fact, they may not even see your pin in the stream of pins they scroll through on their screen. As a business owner, the metrics to track are clicks, then repin/shares.

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Pinterest Design Strategy:

Designing Pinterest pins can be more science than art. Pinterest is a visual search engine. Therefore, search engine optimization (SEO) play a part in pin designs.

Need help with your designs? We got templates, videos and a Q+A Forum on our membership site!

Biggest Mistake in Pinterest Marketing?

Many bloggers, entrepreneurs and business owners are using Pinterest as a social media platform rather than a search engine tool.

Pinterest is a search and discovery tool. The search bar is the most used feature on the platform. So to reach your ideal audience, leverage Pinterest SEO to reach your target audience!

Tailwind's SmartGuide:

Tailwind's SmartGuide helps businesses improve marketing results by recommending best practices.

It monitors Pinning frequency and suggests easy fixes to maintain a healthy queue of scheduled Pins.

Tailwind's Spam SafeGuard:

According to Tailwind's Spam SafeGuard, when people first start marketing on Pinterest, they often assume that the more you Pin, the more results you’ll get.

However, the opposite is actually true - the most successful Pinners publish closer to 15-25 Pins per day, on average!

If you Pin far more than this, you’re exposing your account to unnecessary risk and hurting the distribution of your content on Pinterest.

This leads to less engagement for your Pins and less traffic to your website!

Got questions about optimizing your Pinterest business account? Not sure how to drive web traffic to increase sales?

We got templates, videos and a Q+A Forum in our membership site!

The membership is for bloggers and business owners to:

  • Identify areas where you can optimize Pinterest as a search engine

  • Leverage content across different social media platforms

  • Optimize the latest Pinterest algorithms + strategies

The membership site includes:

  • Monthly 30 Min. Mastermind Call

  • Pinterest Q+A Discussion Forum

  • Live workshops and How-to videos

  • Pinterest, SEO & Tailwind strategies

  • Access hundreds of original stock photos, templates + videos

  • Accountability for your Pinterest marketing goals