How I Created Multiple Income Streams Before I Quit My Job

"Sometimes what we're afraid of doing is what will set us free."

Thinking of a career transition or career break? Before you quit your job, there are many ways to create income streams to help ease financial stress.

Not too long ago, I quit Corporate America, sold my condo, and moved across the country.

In that order. No job lined up. Not a single client on the horizon.

It was my third time quitting a career without a Plan B. I gave everything away and left all my furniture.

What about clothes? I left it all. My business suits and winter coats were still on hangers the day I gave the new owners the condo keys.

I took my fav pair of heels though. Other than that, I shipped my car and gave away everything else.

It was time to start a new chapter. Being born and raised in Hawaii, I had enough of East Coast winters.

So I picked Southern California as my new home.

Just like that.

Most of my life, that is how I operated. One foot in front of the other, rarely in a “logical” order. And never in a “rational” way.

What about the previous career quits? Even more spontaneous than the last quit.

To date, I quit my corporate job three times without a Plan B. Things worked out each time but it was definitely scary times.

What made it even more tough? Not having support from family and some close friends. So after each quit, I told them after the fact.

It just made things a lot easier...emotionally.

Here’s the reality of what happened after I quit each time…

Quit #1:

In February 2016, I quit on impulse. I couldn’t stand another day working with my micromanaging boss and passive aggressive coworker.

So I walked into the boss’s office and resigned. Right then and there.

It had been 7 years with the company and to this day, I don’t regret a day there. It was just time to go.

A senior manager advised me to take unlimited time off to think things over (and calm down). After several months at home, I realized that I still had a mortgage to pay.

I went back to the same but moved to a new office. But I knew it would only be temporary. I eventually resigned a year later...for good.

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How I Created Multiple Income Streams Before I Quit My Job

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Corporate Dropout: How I Got My Finances in Order Before I Resigned

Quit #2:

Resigning the second time around was somewhat scarier. Everything in my life fell apart pretty quickly as soon as I started my first weeks of being unemployed.

From an unexpected breakup to my dad getting into a car accident to ending up in the ER myself while traveling in Europe.

This all happened within a month.

I used the months after that to get my health, sanity and life back in alignment. And it sparked my interest in getting my finances in order too. I realized that I did not want to rely solely on an employer for a paycheck and health insurance.

Nevertheless, the whole experience left a huge scar.

In my mind, I still will equate being "jobless by choice" with the notion that the worst case scenario is going to happen in my personal life.

Five months later, I found myself working in Corporate America...but with a plan. The plan was to become financially independent and get the hell out.

Then I got “FIRE’d”.

I kept working on my personal finances and I was able to reach financial independence at 35!

Yep, I got FIRE’d….financial independence retire early (FIRE) that is.

So there was that unexpected benefit from taking time off after Quit #2 to reset. What came out of Quit #2’s Eat, Pray, Love soul searching journey was the start of my path to FIRE.

A year and a half after working in Corporate, I was able to pay off my mortgage and then got the hell out of dodge.

How I Created Multiple Income Streams Before I Quit My Job

Quit #3:

When I wanted to relocate across the country, I had to really think things through. Even being financially independent, I had huge mental blocks.

I was fearful of the events following Quit #2 repeating. So here are a few ways you can create multiple income streams before you quit your job.

Get creative with ideas in this gig economy.

The gig economy centers around the concept of creating an income from short-term tasks. This encompasses those who are full-time independent contractors to those who moonlight by driving for Uber or Lyft several hours a week.

Are there any part-time opportunities that you may consider taking on in order to explore a different industry?

Any fun side hustles you’ve been thinking about trying? What are ways you can create passive income with your current resources and skill sets?

I invested in index funds, tried affiliate marketing, taught yoga, and the list goes on. While still in my 9-5, I kept an open mind to try out different side hustles.

By the time I resigned for good, I was able to focus on relocation tasks rather than be caught up with financial anxiety.

Create multiple income stream with simple Pinterest strategies.

Whether you are looking for another side hustle or run a full-time biz, there are countless ways to make money on Pinterest.

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Whether it's passively or actively earned, millionaires have an average of seven income streams.

After all, creating multiple income streams is one of the great keys to wealth.

So why not leverage Pinterest to help you build your incomes streams.

Passive income requires minimal to no effort to maintain. There may be a lot of heavy lifting upfront and income can fluctuate greatly.

Nevertheless, it's a great way to make money on Pinterest with the right amount of time investment. Here are a few ways to passively make money on Pinterest…

Stock photos

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Offer e-courses on your site. Then create pins and infographics to direct pinners to your online course.

Website ads

When it comes to banner ad displays, the quantity of website traffic matters. If you have a large amount of website traffic coming to your site on the daily, website ads may be the way to go.

Get paid to display ads on your website. Then drive traffic to those banner ads with pins. Not sure if your fav brand has a banner ad referral program?

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Love blogging? Consider creating an e-book from your most popular blog content. Then create pins and infographics to direct pinners to your offering.

Promote affiliates

Join affiliate networks to promote products and services. I currently use FlexOffers!

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Corporate Dropout: How I Got My Finances in Order Before I Resigned

Offer a service

Offer your expertise through freelancing, coaching, or consulting. Whether you are in the wedding or wellness space, the market is definitely not saturated on Pinterest!

Influencer marketing

Got a loyal following? Work with brands to promote sponsored products/services. You don't need a gazillion followers.

Sometimes even 100 genuine followers can create more income for you than 100K "surface-level" followers.

Membership site

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Sell physical product

Other than your own website, you can list your products on Amazon, Etsy, Shopify, and WooCommerce. Then increase lead conversions and sales by driving traffic to your store listing.

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It doesn't happen overnight. But, the possibilities are Pinfinite!

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Corporate Dropout: How I Got My Finances in Order Before I Resigned

How I Created Multiple Income Streams Before I Quit My Job