How I Create Courses on Teachable for Free

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

Hey fellow #Blogger + #Entrepreneur! Ready to create an online course or two for your blog biz? Building an online course requires the right platform to launch.

It ought to be easy-to-use and user friendly for both course creator and student.

Fortunately, Teachable offers a drag and drop editor, support for all types of files, sales pages, community tools, and more.

Over the years, I’ve created several courses for FREE on Teachable.

Teachable is designed for creators and students so both don't have to worry about admin details like payments, promotions, or file support.

Before we walk through the steps, be sure you’ve created your account first. You can securely set up your Teachable account for free here.

Once you’ve created your account, you can immediately begin building your course for free. So log in and let’s get you started!

*Note: Teachable may not be offering the same free plan anymore but offering a free trial period instead.

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Below are the steps I used to create each of my free courses.

1. Set up your course.

Got a name for your course? Ready to provide a short intro for it? Great, laying the foundation of your course takes only a few minutes to set up.

From your Teachable admin area, click the Courses tab in the admin sidebar.

Click New Course.

How I Create Courses on Teachable for Free

In the new course area, type your course details: Name, Bio, and Subtitle.

Click Create Course.

2. Add your content.

Now that you have the foundation of your course set up, it’s time to add sections and lectures. Sections and lectures provide structure and organization to your course content.

Sections contain groupings of lectures; lectures are structured informational units that are comprised of text, files, video, images, and/or quizzes.

See how I organized my sections and lectures here.

How I Create Courses on Teachable for Free

Both sections and lectures can be created and modified in the Curriculum section of your course admin. Overall, sections focus on a particular theme. Lectures can be used to break down the theme and explain further.

3. Hit Publish!

From the admin sidebar, select the course you’d like to publish. Alternatively, click View All to see all courses you’ve created.

In the course's Information area, click the Publish Course button.

To confirm, click the Yes, publish course button in the modal that appears.

And there you have it! That's all there is to create an online course with Teachable. Enjoy creating your online courses for free on Teachable!

How I Create Courses on Teachable for Free

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