How I Conduct a Social Media Audit for Micro-Influencers to Improve Their Personal Brand

Updated: Sep 15, 2019

How I Conduct a Social Media Audit for Micro-Influencers to Improve Their Personal Brand

It goes without saying that establishing your personal brand goes a long way. For entrepreneurs, having a polished personal brand sets you up for future projects and automating sales as well.

I recently conducted an audit report for a YouTube micro-influencer. We started with combing through all his personal and business social media accounts.

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When I perform an audit of all active social media account(s), I also like to provide a checklist of recommendations and action items for the client to follow-up on their own.

If needed, we hold a follow up phone call to discuss the recs and address questions.

What exactly do I look for when I audit?

Though I don’t expect micro-influencers to be active across all the different social media platforms out there, I’m focused on different ways to:

● improve existing copy, specifically areas to add a “call to action” without sounding salesy or inauthentic

● optimize across different platform(s): for ex. leverage YouTube videos on to a FB business page or leverage YouTube viewers/subscribers to share across other platforms by including a call to action in video and description box

● implement consistency in your bio across all platforms

● incorporate proper mix of hashtags and keywords for the micro-influencer’s niche

● other non-digital media platforms to market: for ex. If the client is comfortable speaking (be it on/off camera), I recommend being interviewed on specific podcasts hosted by

micro-influencers with a similar target audience

● engaging content/videos for FB business page

● concise summary on LinkedIn that highlights the client’s value to the audience

How I Conduct a Social Media Audit for Micro-Influencers to Improve Their Personal Brand

This audit is typically based on other market research of other micro-influencers’ platforms with a similar audience/niche.

If the client just has one active social media account, I'll provide a customized checklist for other social media platforms.

This way they have a consistent personal branding strategy to move forward when they eventually do set up other accounts/website.

How long do social media + website audits take?

An audit usually takes 5-6 hours depending on the number of active accounts.

The follow up phone consult is about an hour if the client would like to discuss or needs help implementing my recommendations.

The audit report is typically 5 pages long. Upon completion, I write an overview email such as:

Dear Client,

Please find the attached audit report and marketing strategies for your review. Overall, I mainly focused on your website and YouTube channel when conducting the audit given your area of influence.

I went ahead and provided recommendations for other accounts as well even if you are not as active on those platforms. It's important to have a solid foundation before moving forward with other marketing efforts together.

I listed the action items by categories and prioritized in the order of importance. Basically, start with cleaning up the website per the recommendations, then YouTube channel per the editing suggestions, and so forth.

Before considering ads, I highly recommend completing most of the action items in the audit. Specifically, you can really leverage your YouTube following organically without having to go the ads route just yet.

As mentioned, if you would like a follow-up phone consult to discuss further, just let me know. It should take about an hour.

Again, it was a pleasure working with you.

All the best!

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How I Conduct a Social Media Audit for Micro-Influencers to Improve Their Personal Brand