Hermit Tarot Card Reflections: Time to Go Within

The Hermit tarot card usually suggests taking time to go within. Self-reflection and introspection can go a long way even though it doesn't seem like much is being done on the surface.

The Hermit card suggests turning attention inwards to seek answers within. This week, I am going to do just that. Heck, it feels like I've been doing that all year since I've had more time than ever before during quarantine.

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I still love Pinterest marketing and will continue to offer my services. However, I'd like to do something different too. Part of it is helping my parents manage their business, which in many ways I've been supporting since I was a kid. But these days, I'm a lot more involved in their finances and operations.

So we'll see where that goes.

In addition, I feel like I have more to contribute to the world with my knowledge and experience. I'm not limiting myself to Pinterest marketing or helping my parents with their business. I'm also open to collaborating on innovative startup ideas, teaching online, and anything else that can better somebody's life.


Maybe I'm meant to be a "renaissance girl." Perhaps my sacred contract was to live my full life as a single independent woman.

Being single doesn't mean I'm destined to feel lonely. There are plenty of women who feel lonely in their marriage.

While I hope to meet a life partner, eventually get married and maybe adopt children, it just doesn't look like it's in the cards for me in the near future. I'm learning to accept this and also see the positive side of my independent lifestyle.


I'm noticing an annoying and desperate trend on Facebook. People requesting to be friends then inviting me to "like" their business page. The next Facebook friend that invites me to "like" their page, I will unfriend.

It's the most annoying thing ever.

Not only do I barely know them, but I don't know their business. It's so unfortunate that so many people equate their worth to the number of "likes".