Graphic Design Opportunity: Show Off Your Pin Designs

Updated: Oct 20, 2019

Graphic Design Opportunity: Show Off Your Pin Designs

As Not A Bond Girl continues to expand, I will be opening up more Pinterest boards to contributors. This includes various opportunities to collaborate as well.

As many long time readers know, I've been preparing for the different Pinterest marketing projects that are coming up.

So far, I've mainly helped businesses to leverage as a search engine tool. Pinterest SEO strategies have gone a long way when it comes to driving traffic. But great designs are key to viral content too!

Over time, many clients have requested help with creating infographics and pin designs. These clients include startups, small businesses and established brands.

Designs are fun. I can design pins and infographics, but it's just not my strength. SEO is more my jam! Which is why...

I am outsourcing all Not A Bond Girl design work. 

As I prepare different Pinterest marketing proposals for clients, I'll be building a portfolio of designs they can choose from.  

Graphic Design Opportunity: Show Off Your Pin Designs

Do you have pins/infographics in your portfolio to show off? 

Currently, I received 1.5 million views on my best month via Pinterest. So that'll be a decent amount of eyeballs on your designs =)

To have your designs uploaded on to my boards, please create pins and infographics using content from This includes blog titles, quotes, copy, and so forth.  

If approved, I will upload your designs on to my Pinterest boards for clients to choose from. If clients choose your design, I will outsource the design project to you. 

Basically, I take care of the SEO strategy work, you handle the design work.

For the graphic design rates charged to clients, please see the Services page. When clients choose your design, you'll take on the design efforts and be paid according to NBG rates.

You will receive 40% of design package rate. NBG receives 60% for the SEO and administrative work provided to clients.

Some percentages will vary slightly depending on number of pins and infographics needed.

As for Not A Bond Girl's branding, here's what is currently used:

You don't have to use the above specs. It's just to give you some background =)

Submit designs to

Please include your website and social media account handles. I will use this information to credit your work in pin descriptions and other relevant areas.

When submitted, please allow for a few business days for a response. If your designs are uploaded, I may be promoting your design work on other social media platforms as well.

I'll be sure to tag and credit you!

Occasionally, Not A Bond Girl pins that go viral tend to get stolen. This means other Pinterest users have changed the URL of NBG pins to direct it to their sites. I always report these stolen pins immediately to Pinterest.

Whether you are just starting out in graphic design or an OG, I look forward to supporting your creative efforts.

With our different skill sets and strengths, hopefully there will be lots of projects in the future for us to collaborate.

Looking forward to seeing your design work! 

~Not A Bond Girl

Graphic Design Opportunity: Show Off Your Pin Designs

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