Financial Independence Retire Early (FIRE): One Year Post-FIRE Review

Financial Independence Retire Early (FIRE): One Year Post-FIRE Review

In July 2019, I quit Corporate, sold my condo, and gave everything away to move across the country. I had reached lean FIRE (financial independence retire early). Without much of a Plan B, I simply knew the next step would be to move first. And here is what happened next...

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The Good

  • Nice weather all year long in sunny San Diego, California.

  • Laid back beach culture.

  • FREEDOM every single damn day. Freedom to create, freedom to sleep in, freedom all day err day.

The Bad

  • When the market crashed in February 2020, I didn't have a corporate income that would've allowed me to invest more.

  • Noise pollution: Do any apartments in San Diego have double paned windows?!

  • I moved from one high cost of living area to another, Washington DC to San Diego.

The Ugly

  • Being single in my mid-30's, San Diego dating life could be summed up as such: The odds were good but the goods were odd.

  • Moving in San Diego is a nightmare. Not only is there a housing issue, but moving during quarantine was tricky. It was easier to move across the country than within San Diego.

  • Lots of inauthentic salesy hustlers. But maybe that's part of doing business anywhere.

What's next?

Overall, I'd give my year of FIRE an 8 out of 10. It's been full of emotional highs and lows between moving, meeting new people and letting go of what I can't control. So what's next? I feel fulfilled when I have meaningful work to do each day and am surrounded by loving people. My goal is to continue building community in my new home. While I love supporting businesses market products and services on Pinterest, it does not have to be something I do long term. In the meantime, I'm keeping an eye out to collaborate on creative projects. Mindset challenges The feast or famine aspect of entrepreneurship is real. It's not for the faint of heart. When I entered famine phase during Covid-19 lockdown, I got nervous...even when I was already financially independent. Seeing my network drop multiple six-figures was scary. It was downright nerve wrecking. But I stayed the course and didn't sell. Yet, I was more anxious that I didn't have more income to invest when stocks were "on sale." Multiple income streams My passive income stream includes dividends and capital gains from index fund investing and affiliate marketing. My active income stream includes managing Pinterest accounts for businesses, conducting coaching calls, and other marketing services. Interested in learning more?

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