Digital Marketing Audit: Template + Examples You Can Use to Optimize Social Media

Updated: Sep 14, 2019

Ready to uplevel your digital marketing game? Not sure where to start? In order to optimize your social media for business marketing, I typically start with an audit.

Whether you are cleaning up your own FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube account or conducting an audit for a client, below is a template with examples you can work off of.

The following is a recent website and social media audit completed for a non-profit organization. Permission to publish was granted by the marketing manager.

Template + Example: Digital Marketing Strategy for Bridge to Promise



  • Increase following + influence on Instagram, Twitter, FaceBook and YouTube

  • Establish a cohesive brand that is uniform across all platforms

  • Optimize current social media platforms to build brand awareness and supporters

Target Market:

  • Youth + young adults in need of physical, mental + emotional support

  • Sponsors, donors, mentors, guest speakers, and volunteers

Website Recommendations:


  • Create 3 playlists: “The Choice”, “His Vision Her Worth”, “Chat + Chew”

  • Insert an intro video for new and returning channel viewers on the home page

  • Use same bio line across all social media platforms for consistency: “Be the Bridge to Build the Future” OR “Bold Vision. Bright Future.” Pick one, but not both for consistent branding.

  • Insert bio line in all video descriptions

  • Insert links to Instagram, Twitter and FaceBook in the video descriptions to offer viewers other ways to connect



  • Bio/tagline: “Be the Bridge to Build the Future” OR “Bold Vision. Bright Future.” Pick one, but not both for consistent branding. The logo on the top of website homepage is currently “Be the Bridge to Build the Future.”

  • Profile: Use the + sign to save space and break up the text

  • Use hashtags between 500K-1 million range, intersperse with hashtags around 100K range. This helps posts show up at the top of user’s feeds.

  • Use less hashtag that are over 5+million as those posts tend to get buried in feeds

  • Use the max of 30 hashtags per post to increase views

  • 3 second videos tend to do better than 5+ more second videos

  • Share any behind the scene story in posts/videos to build brand awareness


  • To increase engagement, Include open ended questions such as “Who would you love to see speak at our next Bridge to Promise event?”

  • Use more hashtags to increase views on users feeds. For instance: #nonprofit #youtheducation #volunteer #communitybuilding #liveyourbestlife

  • Insert inspiring quotes to vary the content + message. For instance: quotes by famous female leaders, quotes about youth education, motivational quotes on courage + hope

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