How to Energetically Detach from Work Drama

Updated: May 1, 2021

Working with someone who is using the office place as an outlet to unleash their personal issues? We all have a lot going on in our personal life. When under a lot of stress, sometimes it can seep into our professional life.

Sometimes it’s us but other times it’s the people we work with that are letting their personal life dramas interfere with their work life.

Trying to be professional in the 9-5 corporate world is no easy task. After a decade of working in Corporate America, the office setting can be a playground for a lot of cognitive dissonance.

The Pitbull.

At one point, a colleague jokingly nicknamed me The Pitbull. Although she was joking, there was some truth behind it.

I was friendly but if someone crossed a line, I did not hold back on sending some nasty-grams. No doubt, the bcc line was put to use.

Not my finest moments.

Over time, I realized that difficult office relationships are opportunities to learn how to be grounded in my truth. At the core, we are all light beings, not pitbulls. I began applying various yoga and Reiki principles I’ve learned in yoga teacher training and Reiki Master training.

Soon my saw a different purpose in my role at corporate. I saw the office as an opportunity to practice being a “Corporate Lightworker”.

What does it mean to be a “Corporate Lightworker”? I see it as someone who applies spiritual principles (like in yoga and Reiki) at the workplace.

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Yoga Principles

Yoga is not just a physical practice but a spiritual one too. During yoga teacher training, we were required to read extensively about Patanjali's Eightfold Yoga Path. The ultimate goal of the eightfold path to yoga is samadhi, or absolute bliss.

The yoga path includes the niyamas, or virtuous habits, behaviors and observances. These principles are helpful to follow when the going gets rough at the office.

Specifically, the niyamas are:

  1. Sauca: purity, clarity in mind, speech and body

  2. Santoṣa: contentment, acceptance of others, acceptance of one's circumstances as they are in order to get past or change them

  3. Tapas: persistence, perseverance, austerity

  4. Svadhyaya: study of self, self-reflection, to include self thoughts and actions

  5. Isvarapraṇidhana: contemplation of God, True Self, a higher power

During the midst of office drama, the niyamas can help in the personal growth of an individual. For example, the virtue of contentment and acceptance of others as they are (Santoṣa) leads to the state where inner sources of joy matter most.

In turn, the need for control and external sources of happiness diminishes. Practicing the yoga principles certainly would have helped me during the days I would quit my 9-5 job without a Plan B.

Reiki Principles

Often times, people feel trapped at a 9-5 office job. They either don’t like the job they do, the people they work with, or both. They seek freedom. Freedom to spend more time doing what they want, whenever they want. Many times, this also includes freedom from a micromanaging boss or passive aggressive colleague they can’t stand.

Freedom begins with being open to the frequency of love. Love dissolves hate. By giving yourself love, you allow yourself opportunities for spiritual growth. The Reiki principles are guidelines that can help you do just that.

The five Reiki principles help to promote a healthy, loving way of living. In the corporate world, it can be a good reminder to reframe negative thoughts and create positive energy instead.

The five Reiki principles are:

  1. Just for today, I will not worry.

  2. Just for today, I will not be angry.

  3. Just for today, I will be grateful for my many blessings.

  4. Just for today, I will do my work honestly.

  5. Just for today, I will be kind to every living thing.

Applying yoga and Reiki principles leads to positive energy flow.

Applying the principles of yoga and Reiki at the workplace creates space for positive energy to flow. As a result, the positive energy flow attracts more positive outcomes in the workplace. By holding positive energy, we can attract positive results.

According to the law of attraction, we are able to attract what we want in life by holding space for that thought. By doing so, we allow the Universe to support us in manifesting what we need for our highest good.

Still finding it hard to be professional in the office?

If you’ve given it your all and are still feeling heavy, take a step back to reflect. If you feel you’ve reached your wits end, tap into those emotions. Maybe it is time to move on.

After a decade of dabbling in different career paths, I realized a 9-5 job was simply not for me. It all started when I couldn’t stand a passive aggressive coworker that I began thinking about how I could leave my 9-5.

Don’t get me wrong, I still worked on applying the yoga and Reiki principles each day in and out of the workplace. But I also used the toxic work environment as a motivator to get the heck out of the rat race. So I began creating passive income on the side to reach financial independence.

I’m living proof that achieving financial independence is possible at any age. Even though I was able achieve financial independence in my 30’s, I knew that I would always want to be doing some sort of meaningful work. That’s what lead me to start NotABondGirl as a free creative outlet on Wix.

Create an exit strategy.

Focusing on an exit strategy can help to detach from workplace drama. Even if you never do use the exit strategy, at least it can ease the tension of feeling stuck.

Besides applying to a new job, get creative. There are many ways to have a side hustle these days. You don’t even have to start a business to do so. This includes freelance writing to renting out your car. I did both!

During my weekends, I taught yoga and wellness workshops at the local hospital. I also worked the front desk of a yoga studio at one point too! If you are out of ideas, take a step back and simply focus on raising your vibrations to gain clarity.

The fun part was the journey, not the destination. I got to experiment with different types of side hustles. That’s how NotABondGirl was started! The website was a creative outlet from my cubicle life.

I eventually got to get a feel of what I enjoyed doing and let go of the activities that were not as enjoyable. As you can see, NotABondGirl was a keeper!

Need help with an exit strategy?

Align your career to your ideal lifestyle!

In the past, I quit my corporate job several times without a Plan B. Things worked out each time but it was definitely scary times.

Quitting without another job lined up is not recommended. Ever.

However, you know yourself best. You know when you've had enough.

Creating passive income helped me leave the 9-5 lifestyle once and for all. It wasn't easy leaving a steady paycheck and company benefits behind.

Those golden handcuffs are no joke!

Having passive income allowed me to leap with more peace of mind. To help others create passive income streams, I put together this Passive Income Quiz.

Find out which passive income strategy is best for you!

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