How to Emotionally Detach from Office Politics

Updated: May 1, 2021

Got a lot of office politics going on in the workplace? For better or worse, work conflict and tension is quite common across all lines of work.

When there are different personalities at play, it’s only natural for conflict to happen every so often. It’s just a matter of keeping that drama under control so that it’s productive, not destructive for team morale.

I once worked in an office that was so hostile that the Human Resource Department decided to conduct an investigation. Working in that toxic work environment has taught me a lot about how to not only survive, but rise above office drama.

Though each office dynamic is unique, here are three ways to help you rise about the chaos regardless of where you are.

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1. Embrace the Law of Detachment

According the the Law of Detachment, in order to successfully attract something, one must detach from the outcome.

If you are attached to a specific outcome, you project negative emotions such as fear and doubt. This actually attracts the opposite of your desire as you are operating from a position of worry and anxiety.

On the other hand, when you detach, you operate from trust and faith. Accordingly, you are better able to raise your vibrations to match the frequency of where you want to go in life when your dominant emotions and thoughts are positive.

Thus, the Law of Detachment complements the Law of Attraction.

Now detaching from drama may seem easier said than done, especially when it is going on throughout the day. Whether it’s a nasty email or a passive aggressive remark, take a step back from reacting to the situation.

Believe me, I learned it the hard way. It was definitely not my finest moments when I quit my job without a Plan B only to return two months later asking for the job back. *cringe*

Accept that you have every right to be offended, angry, or annoyed.

Then pick an outlet to shift your energy. Whatever your outlet is, make sure it is a healthy one that lifts your vibrational frequency.

Give yourself something to look forward to such as planning out your next vacation. Maybe it’s brainstorming ideas for a different career path!

Or on a less drastic scale, consider trying out a new yoga class or restaurant after work. Perhaps it’s organizing a happy hour after work to spend time with people you uplift your spirits.

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Quiz: Best Passive Income Idea for Your Personality

Quiz: What's the Best Passive Income Strategy for You?

2. Rewrite your Shitty First Draft

There are three sides to every story. Your side, the other person’s side and what actually happened. The SFD is what research professor at the University of Houston Graduate School of Social Work Dr. Brene Brown refers to the “shitty first draft.”

When the mind begins to generate a story about something that just happened, Dr. Brene Brown refers to it as the “Shitty First Draft”. Write it down to externalize it.

Get it out of your limbic system and onto a piece of paper. “If you’re mortified by what you’ve written down, you’re being honest”, Dr. Brene Brown said.

Now if it’s too hard to rewrite your SFD in the midst of anger, write a different story for that other person. I don’t know if I could ever like some of my previous bosses or colleagues. But I was able to have compassion for them. That is, once I put things in perspective. Here’s what I mean.

Hurt people hurt other people.

If it feels like your boss or colleague is out to get you, it’s likely they are hurting pretty bad and want other to feel their pain. Maybe they were bullied at school growing up. Maybe they are going through a messy divorce.

You just never know what’s going on in another person’s life. So write their story to help you not take their actions personally.

3. Energetic Self-care

Emotionally drained from all the office tension? Don’t have the energy to take the high road all the time? No worries, I with ya. The easiest thing you can do then is to fill up your “tank” with energetic self-care activities.

Being around heavy energy all day long can be energetically depleting. Thus, energy healing is critical on the mental, emotional, physical, and energetic level. In order to better navigate office politics, healing on the energetic level can help to springboard you to rise above it all.

Energetic self-care can include taking walks in nature, pausing to focus on your breath, to meditating in the mornings. Even 17 seconds of shifting your focus to something positive can activate the law of attraction!

Practicing daily energetic self-care can help you raise your vibrations.

When you raise your vibrations, you allow for opportunities to attract who and what you want into your life. That is because when you hold positive energy, you are more likely to attract more positive energy.

As you work on emotionally and energetically detaching from office politics, it might be worthwhile to have a creative outlet too. Having a Plan B exit strategy can help to ease the pressure of feeling stuck.

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