7 Steps to Create Wealth Beyond Money

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

7 Steps to Create Wealth Beyond Money, personal finance strategies, financial freedom tips, notabondgirl, financial independence tips, money mindset

Sure, financial wealth is great. But it's not the source of happiness. The key is to create wealth beyond money.

Wealth + Wellness = Wealthness

Before we start, let’s get one thing clear. Wealth and wellness mean different things to different people. For some, wealth means financial abundance. For others, it could mean owning a lot of luxury goods.

When it comes to defining wellness, for some, it means being in good health. It could also include having meaningful relationships.

There’s no right or wrong answer.

When it comes to increasing your wealthness, it’s all about creating positive energy flow.

Positive energy flow can be in the form of financial gains, health, meaningful relationships, hidden opportunities, priceless experiences, and so forth.

But increasing your wealthness doesn’t just happen overnight. It’s a lifelong practice. With small but consistent steps in raising your vibrations, various forms of wealthness can flow into your life.

Good news: We can all create positive energy flow at anytime throughout our busy day.

Most times when trying to achieve wealthness, we do so from a physical, emotional, or mental level. Rarely do we incorporate an energetic level.

A holistic approach can make all the difference in clearing stubborn blocks getting in the way of raising our frequency to create positive energy flow.

According to the law of attraction, we are able to attract what we want in life by holding space for that thought. By doing so, we allow the universe to deliver our goals, dreams and desires to us.

By holding positive energy, we attract positive results.

So are you ready to get out of that funk? The following 8 steps will help you work with the law of attraction:

Create Wealth Beyond Money, personal finance strategies, financial freedom tips, notabondgirl, financial independence tips, money mindset, wealth beyond money

1. Get clear on the “what”.

Start by writing down your wealthness goal on paper. The goal should be set in the positive. If possible, be sure to include all the facts, dates, names, and so forth.

Get clear on what you value. Identify what you don’t want and narrow down even further from there. Fill in the blank: If I don’t want (blank), what I do want is (blank).

For example: “If I don’t want to work in an office everyday from 9-5, what I do want is to start my own business and be able to quit my job by X date.”

2. Get clear on the “why”.

Energy flows where intention goes. When you are crystal clear on why you want to achieve your goal, the more energy is able to flow there.

So ask yourself why you want what you want? For instance, if you are trying to manifest a million dollars ask yourself why you want to manifest that amount. To have the freedom to spend more time doing things you want? To travel the world? When you get clear on the why, your goal may actually shift.

3. Assess your current frequency.

We are all vibrating at our own unique frequency. Our vibrations are always meeting and getting entangled in each other. After all, we are all energetically connected as a collective conscious.

You may have heard the reference “good vibes” and “bad vibes”? You may be getting a certain type of vibe depending on whether the other waves you meet are in or out of sync with your vibes.

Your vibrational frequency tends to reflect the average of the people you spend the most time with. That is why it important to be aware of whether you are in an environment where you are getting entangled in constructive or destructive vibrations.

Who are the people in your inner circle? Who are you choosing to spend your time with? Our intuition let’s us know when we are in a constructive or destructive environment.

4. R.A.I.N. on the negative emotions.

If you start going down the rabbit hole of negative thoughts, the heavy energy can block abundance flow big time. Recognize, accept, introspect, and neutralize (R.A.I.N.) your negative emotions. Yes, that’s right, rain on the pity party!

Recognize that having negative emotions is a completely normal, usually healthy, human emotion. As humans, we are wired to operate on survival mode.

Whenever we feel threatened or fearful, negative emotions can kick in...fast. Basically, the sympathetic nervous system is activated which is often referred to as the fight or flight response.

Accept the your feelings and thoughts by letting go of any self-judgement. Sometimes we feel even more bad because we think we shouldn’t feel a certain way in the first place.

So let go of any self-judgement and allow yourself to feel. Doing so also allows space to turn those negative vibes into positive fuel.

Introspection requires getting to the bottom of why you are feeling the way you are through self-reflection.

For instance, you might be angry at a specific person, situation, or your anger could be caused by worrying over a problem. Memories of traumatic event can also trigger angry feelings.

Neutralize your emotions by setting the intention to take consistent small steps to release negative thoughts that may surface.

This can include taking three breaths to ease your way out of the fight or flight mode each time you catch yourself getting wrapped up in negative thoughts.

5. Take inspired action daily.

Envision yourself already having achieved your goal. How would you feel? A great sense of freedom? Would you feel creative?

Then take inspired actions on a daily basis, like walking in nature or start a blog, to help you align with the frequency of freedom and creativity.

Remember, the journey to achieving any form of wealthness is more fulfilling than having achieved it. After all, life is about the journey, not the destination!

When we view life as an experiment, we are able to connect with our inner child. In turn, we are able to increase positive energy flow. Be willing to experiment with different activities to help you build wealthness.

6. Detach from a specific outcome.

Detach from your expectations to create space for hidden opportunities and intuitive hits. The more you let go of how and when you want an outcome to turn out, the more open you are to seeing different ways to reach your goal.

And you never know, the Universe may have something even better in store for you! Having an open mind helps create space for positive energy to flow in to your life.

This isn’t just material gains but also helpful insights and opportunities that can lead you to more abundance. So keep an open mind when it comes to receiving different forms of wealthness!

7. Raise your vibrations.

When you raise your vibrations, you are better able to attract who and what you need to achieve wealthness. Taking small yet consistent steps to raise your vibrational frequency each day helps you move towards alignment.

When in alignment, we are better able to attract who and what we need for our highest good. But it doesn’t mean you have to be happy 24/7.

If you’ve been feeling off, you’re not alone. We all fall in and out of alignment throughout life. When we get quiet, we are better able to recognize when we’ve taken a detour. Then, we are better able to determine the necessary steps toward alignment.

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