How to Choose the Right Niche for Your Blog Biz

Updated: Sep 15, 2019

When I first started my blog business, I wrote about all the things I was passionate about from yoga to personal finance. It was quite the range of topics.

Not A Bond Girl has much more of a niche in the blogosphere these days. Though I still do blog about the things I’m most passionate about, I mostly write about my financial freedom journey.

Maybe you are in the process of determining a niche for your blog. Or maybe you want to explore a new focus for your website. Then you’ve probably heard that writing to a target audience would help grow your business.

But how can turning down business help your blog biz grow? Isn’t it a bit counterintuitive to focus on attracting a smaller group of people to attract more clients?

When you try to attract everyone, you really attract no one.

If you’re like many creative entrepreneurs, you’re passionate about many things. You want to appeal to as many people as you can with your products and services.

I’m with ya. But over the years of blogging, I can say with confidence that choosing the right niche for my blog has more than doubled my website views.

When you focus on one thing, you get it done right.

Now the right niche for me may not be the right niche for you. What makes the topic of financial freedom right for me is my personal experience and passion for the topic.

Ever tried multi-tasking and failed miserably? Trying to hold an important conversation while texting someone else? Next thing you know, you don’t remember the details of both the conversations.

Trying to cover a range of topics can pull your attention in too many directions. It makes it difficult to do any one thing well.

But when you focus on one thing at a time, you can do your best job with the task at hand. The same goes for your business and narrowing your focus. This gives you breathing room to really get to know and attract your ideal client in your niche.

Get to know your ideal client.

Choosing a niche lets you spend more time and energy getting to know just your ideal client. It’s much easier to market and attract them instead of spinning your wheels trying to appeal to several different niches.

You can be more focused with your website copy, your SEO on your blog posts and the language and images you post on social media to speak directly to your ideal client. Here are some questions you may want to consider when determining your target audience.

And once your ideal clients find you, you can really wow them with your unique skill sets. When in the right niche, your gifts and talents will create a better experience for your audience.

Create a great personal experience.

Now that you’re attracting one ideal type of client, you can create a more specialized experience for them. You know their wants and needs, their fears and frustrations, their likes and dislikes.

This makes it much easier to customize your interaction with them such as the first email exchange to delivering their final product. So instead of many different “just ok” experiences for different kinds of clients, you’ve now created one out-of-this-world experience for your ideal client for your niche.

How does this lead to increased profits?

By specializing, you will be able to create a premium experience through customized products, attention to detail, client gifts and more. That translates to premium prices.

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Here are the three things you can do to narrow down your niche to target your ideal client:

  1. Edit your website copy to speak to and attract your ideal client. Perhaps some of the “off-topic” blogs can be repurposed to tie in to your niche.

  2. Focus your blog on a few SEO keywords. Remember, your ideal client isn’t just typing “finance” into their Google search. They know exactly what they are looking for, and you just need make it possible for them to find you.

  3. Create a video and inquiry experience just for your ideal client. The goal of this video is to show that you are providing a unique experience for your clients from the start of the relationship.

Streamline your workflow.

Once you’ve narrowed down to the right niche, it’s time to streamline your workflow. This will help to decrease the amount of time needed per client.

Each client type has it’s on-boarding and workflow process. When you eliminate the client types that don’t fit your ideal client you can streamline your processes only for that niche.

Define your revenue streams.

To help create more stable income as a small business owner, it’s ideal to create multiple revenue streams. So get to brainstorming! List the different products and offerings in your business.

Your time and energy is limited. So it’s important to determine how many of each revenue stream you have the capacity for each month.

Are all of your offerings based on the number of hours you have in a day? Can some of them be sold an unlimited amount of times like a online product?

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Set SMART Money Goals:

Trying to get a handle on all of all your business goals can be overwhelming. No worries, I’m with ya.

Setting Specific Measurable Attainable Realistic Timely (SMART) money goals for your business will help to increase business profits each quarter. Not sure where to start? Here are two examples:

- Create a usable bookkeeping system by the end of the week in order to track all business revenue and expenses. - Find an accountability partner for business support by the end of the month.

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Right niche leads to more business.

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How to Choose the Right Niche for Your Blog Biz; choose right niche for blog, choose website niche, blog business niche

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