How Challenging Relationships Can Be Good for the Soul

How Challenging Relationships Can Be Good for the Soul; challenging relationships can be good, relationship problems, soul development, personal development

Frustrated at your partner? Just not seeing eye to eye on anything? Believe it or not, challenging relationships can be good for the soul. There are exceptions to the rule, of course. So what are the silver linings of challenging relationships?

Once you move past the honeymoon phase of dating, you and your partner move towards the “long-term” commitment phase. In this phase, you both mutually commit to each other and the higher purpose of your relationship becomes clearer.


In healthy partnerships, the longer the relationship, the more space for it to develop in deeper and more meaningful ways. Feelings may continue to develop over time and the connection between you and your partner expands.

But what is the point of challenges in the relationship? The purpose is not for you both to be happy together, though that is part of it. On the soul level, the higher purpose is for the two of you to learn about yourself through each other.


The more challenging the relationship, the more opportunities for you to get to know yourself. And guess what? The key to a successful relationship is having self-awareness. So it all goes hand in hand.

A successful relationship isn’t about being in alignment 24/7 and never having to deal with any challenges. No, not at all. That would be boring and unfulfilling!

That's why being out of alignment isn't always such a bad thing. Plus, you can always realign with your soul path at anytime.

How Challenging Relationships Can Be Good for the Soul; challenging relationships can be good, relationship problems, soul development, personal development

Whether it’s in a romantic partnership or professional relationship, we are all here to help one another grow. When we learn lessons such as patience and forgiveness, we gain wisdom. More importantly, we raise our vibrational frequency along the way.

A successful relationship fosters personal development for both sides.

The more anger and resentment the relationship brings, the more you can see it’s a journey of spiritual development. Challenges are opportunities for the soul to have a “growth spurt”.

It's important to let go of the need to change your partner.

Trying to "improve" someone else is uphill battle not likely to be won. Instead, when you release unrealistic expectations of yourself and your partner, personal development happens.

Learning to accept each other as you both grow in the awareness of deeper love takes time and practice.

When each side has self-awareness, there is a solid foundation for communication, love and respect. As many happily married couples will say, their successful relationships stem from mutual love and respect for one another.

Longevity comes from how they communicate, knowing when to pick their battles, and learning to forgive.

Self-awareness is a lifelong journey of looking within to align with your truth.

When you have a better understanding of yourself, you are able to live in alignment with your soul purpose. You vibrate at a higher frequency and are better able to attract who and what you want into your energetic field.

Journaling and meditation can help develop self-awareness.

Through the introspection, you are better able to tap into your intuition. Your intuition can guide you to take inspired actions that align with your truth. In turn, speaking your truth raises our vibrational frequency to align with the frequency of love.

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