Case Study: Pinterest Marketing Plan for Healthy Sense of Self Method

Case Study: Pinterest Marketing Plan for Healthy Sense of Self Method

Pinterest Business Account: Healthy Sense of Self


Optimize current Pinterest business account as a search engine tool in order to increase organic reach, collect data on leads for book launch circa March 2020

Leverage current blogs and website content to build brand awareness and drive quality traffic to increase lead conversion via nurture sequence

Target Market:

Career women seeking mental and physical wellness. The ideal customer avatar (ICA) has trouble sleeping at night and has little time for self-care. Due to various stressors in work and life, the ICA feels out of alignment with her authentic self.

The ICA is on Pinterest seeking tips on different healthy ways to reduce anxiety. These tips include meditation, mindfulness, affirmations and other ways to improve her quality of life.

Ideal Customer Avatar (ICA) Pinterest profiles:


This audit was conducted based on Pinterest business accounts with a similar target market and niche:

Pinterest Bio Recommendation:

  • Display Name: Healthy Sense of Self | Antoinetta Vogels

  • About: Unlock your authentic self to live a happier, more fulfilling life. Start your Sense of Self journey at

  • Location: Washington

  • Profile photo: Logo

Pinterest Board Recommendations:

Board titles: Keyword optimized, curated, and ordered based on commonly searched terms

  • 1st board: (vs Motivational quotes)

  • 2nd board: Personal Development (vs Self LOVE all the Way! <3)

  • 3rd board: Insomnia Remedies + Sleep Tips (vs Healthy Affirmations)

  • 4th board: Healthy Living (Amazing things for children)

  • 5th board: Motivational Quotes

  • 6th board: Affirmations

  • 7th board: Meditation + Mindfulness

  • 8th board: Mental Health

Board descriptions: [Insert board name] tips to help unlock your authentic self to live a happier, more fulfilling life. Start your Healthy Sense of Self journey at

Board cover: Use Healthy Self of Self logo (profile photo) for each board to build brand awareness

Pinterest Pin Recommendations:

Create pins and infographics directing to blogs, web pages, and other social media accounts

For ex. Infographic on SOS Method

For ex. Pin titled: 6 Benefits of a Healthy Sense of Self (linking to homepage)

Keyword and hashtag optimize each pin title and description

Upload any videos onto relevant boards

Keyword Analysis:

Optimize all boards, pin description, titles, account description, and bio profile using keywords that are curated for the niche.

The following keywords would help improve SEO when inserted in pin descriptions. Use only when relevant for the content as Pinterest algorithms can detect keyword stuffing.

Keywords for target market (based on conducting a keyword search at the Pinterest and Google search bar and what competitors use in their pin descriptions/boards):

  • Health motivation

  • Health tips

  • Self love

  • Self care

  • Sleep tips

  • Sleep

  • Insomnia remedies

  • Insomnia

  • Work life balance

  • Work life tips


In addition to using relevant hashtags, the placement of the hashtags matter. Hashtags in account descriptions, board titles, board descriptions or profile names are not clickable. The only place hashtags can be clicked and searched are in a pin's description.

Pinterest hashtags are not used the same way as Instagram, FaceBook, Twitter or other social media platform hashtags. Pinterest algorithms are unique just as it is more of a search engine platform.

Plural vs singular search terms: Words ending with or without “s” are considered different search terms. For example, #pinteresttip versus #pinteresttipS. Singular and plural are not interchangeable when it comes to hashtags on Pinterest.

Use both singular and plural if there are two images directing to the same blog post, web page, store listing, etc. Also consider other popular variations such as words that end in "-ing".

The following hashtags help to increase visibility when inserted in pin descriptions. Use only when relevant for the blog as Pinterest algorithms can detect hashtag stuffing:










Create 2:3 aspect ratio pins for blogs so that readers, particularly Pinterest micro-influencers, can pin directly from website.

Create infographics for website content so that readers can repin directly from blogs and web pages.

Rich Pins:

If using WordPress, install Yoast plugin to help with SEO and allow for Pinterest Rich Pins. Rich Pins provide more context because they show extra information directly on a pin.

For instance, Product Pins make shopping easier as they include real-time pricing, availability and where to buy the product.


Infographics are not used to increase website traffic or Google Analytics stats. Users tend to pin infographics more often than text overlay pins as there is one less click to get to the content.

However, infographics are essential for building brand awareness and increasing Pinterest stats (repins/shares, followers, etc). Infographics tend to go viral as there is one less click for pinners to get to the content.

A/B Testing:

Consider creating 2-3 pins for each blog post, web page, etc. Change up titles and images to conduct an AB test in order to see which title/image resonates with the target audience.

The pin that does the best in terms of repins and clicks is the pin that should be shared to Tailwind Tribes and be added in SmartLoop. It should also be the pin that gets promoted if considering running ads.

Pinterest SEO Timeline:

There are many factors to consider when trying to figure out how much time SEO will take to be successful. Websites typically can see results in 4-6 months.

Pinterest accounts can see results in 4-6 weeks. When major changes are made to pins and boards, stats tend to go down the first 2-3 weeks then slowly pick up and build momentum once SEO kicks in.

Tailwind Tribes + SmartLoop:

Relevant Tailwind Tribes to join: Personal Development + Growth; Mental Health + Wellness

In Tailwind pre-scheduling tool, set up SmartLoops for most popular pins to be automatically reposted to boards so that popular pins make it back up to the top of the board feed.

Pre-schedule all pins/infographics to post at optimal times each day. (Optimal times to pin are determined Tailwind algorithms.)

Other Pinterest SEO Recommendations:

Consider creating quote pins for motivation, personal development and healthy lifestyle. Quote pins operate like infographics (less clicks but high frequency of repins).

Consider promoting pins with the highest clicks in order to collect data and insights into consumers on Pinterest. Collected data can be used to improve keywording and designs of non-promoted pins as well.

30/60/90 Timeline

Please see below week-by-week breakdown of tasks if we move forward with the Pinterest marketing plan.

Week 1

Setup Tailwind SmartLoop/Tribes

Clean up bio, boards, descriptions, etc.

Week 2 + 3

Create graphics for blogs and web pages

Upload and pre-sched on Tailwind + Pinterest

AB test pins/infographics

Week 4

Promote pin(s)

Provide monthly stat report

Week 5-7

Monitor promoted pins

Adjust graphics based on data from promoted pins

Upload graphics onto Tailwind, Pinterest and blogs

Add 1-2 new boards based on new data

Week 8 + 9

Provide monthly stat report

Create graphics for product pages and new blogs

Upload onto Tailwind and Pinterest

Create group board/add members if needed

Week 10 + 11

Monitor group board

Create graphics for products and new content

Upload onto website blogs + other pages for sharing

Upload onto Tailwind and Pinterest

Week 12 onwards

Create graphics for new content, product reviews/testimonials + product pages

Campaigns directing to other social accounts

Upload onto Tailwind and Pinterest

Monitor boards, group board, and promoted pins

Tweak strategy according to any algorithm changes

Monthly stat reports

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Case Study: Pinterest Marketing Plan + Audit for Healthy Sense of Self Method