Can Reiki Be Learned Online?

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

As online courses become increasingly popular, many wonder if Reiki can be learned online. Is it better to learn Reiki at a workshop or training classroom?

Having learned Reiki at both workshops and online. Each has its benefits and at the end of the day, Reiki is a lifelong learning journey.

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Everyone has their own unique learning styles.

Everyone’s learning preference is different so there’s no right or wrong way to learn Reiki. Some learn better through audio, whereas some are more visual learners, and so forth.

As the saying goes, "to each his own."

Regardless of your preferred style, learning Reiki is a lifelong spiritual journey. In a workshop and classroom setting, I enjoy the personal interaction and bonds that were created with fellow students.

However, I’m more of a mental processor. That’s the introvert in me! I found learning Reiki online beneficial for many reasons!

Interested in becoming a Reiki Master?

Reiki is a life long learning process. It's simple to learn but requires daily practice!

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And in case we haven't met yet, my journey to FIRE started when I couldn't stand another day of Corporate life.

I became a certified Reiki Master and yoga teacher in the midst of exploring different career paths.

But I wasn’t always a yogi or Reiki Master.

For most of my professional life, I worked in the public and private sector. Over time, I burned out from office politics and being in a cubicle all day.

Eventually, I got my certification at yoga teacher training and later became a Reiki Master too. I needed an outlet for dealing with crazy clients, passive aggressive coworkers and micromanaging bosses.

It got so bad at work that I quit without a Plan B lined up. TWICE.

Learning Reiki and other types of energy healing practices has been life changing. Whichever your preferred learning method, just get started!

How long are Reiki workshops versus online trainings?

Overall, I took a few weeks to complete my Reiki Master self-study course and three weekends to complete the Reiki Master workshop training. You don't have to do both to become a Reiki Master. I just did because I love Reiki!

Typical Reiki trainings can be weekend long workshops. And that’s for just 1 level. Not everyone has time to dedicate an entire weekend to be in a workshop all day.

With online Reiki courses, I enjoyed learning at my own pace. I also like having my e-books, digital references, manuals and guides to reference at any time throughout the day.

Access the Reiki Manual:

During the workshop trainings, we covered a LOT in a six-hour day. It was information overload for a lifelong learning process!

I also enjoy the various online Reiki communities on FaceBook. Ask a question and you’ll receive several well-thought out responses by fellow Reiki practitioners in the FaceBook group!

The benefits of learning Reiki energy healing extends beyond stress relief and relaxation. It isn’t just about learning how to align the chakras either. Learning Reiki is a lifelong journey of spiritual development.

Learning Reiki takes practice.

It’s up to the individual on how he or she chooses to incorporate Reiki into their daily lifestyle. Just like building a muscle, you have to put in the time and commitment to practicing.

Through regular Reiki self-care, you can balance your chakras...clearing energetic blocks that may get in the way of raising your vibrations. These are all lifelong skill sets that you can apply over and over again each time a different challenge comes up.

All it takes is consistent practice!

There’s been a lot of hype around the health benefits of Reiki energy healing despite the holistic practice having been around for centuries.

In fact, Reiki has been covered quite a bit in mainstream media, from Newsweek, The Drs, Oprah, and even Vanity Fair.

Regardless of the hype, Reiki has been used to enhance the effectiveness of various healing modalities for many decades.

The healing energy will go where it is needed and do what is needed to facilitate shifts and natural healing.

Ready to incorporate simple Reiki healing techniques to your busy lifestyle?

Reiki is a life long learning process. It's simple to learn but requires daily practice!

Access the Reiki Manual: