Before You Give Up on Your Money Goals, Do This Instead

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

Before You Give Up on Your Money Goals, Do This Instead

Tired of budgeting? Not sure if you can stick to your money goals? No worries, you’re not alone. Before you swipe left on your money goals, considering the following options. The below simple steps can help make your journey to financial freedom a lot easier.

We all have money challenges.

Heck, even Warren Buffett has money challenges. Just a different kind that most of us.

If you’ve hit a roadblock in your finances, there’s no reason to give up. Financial Independence Retire Early (FIRE) takes consistent effort.

Money mistakes are part of the journey to FIRE. They are necessary to learn and grow. I made a ton of them. It was an emotional and mental rollercoaster ride.

But I didn’t give up. Need support on your FIRE journey? That's why there's the Not A Bond Girl Community!

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1. Share your challenges

Striving towards financial independence retire early (FIRE) was not easy. I felt like no one around me really understood my passion for this goal of achieving financial freedom.

It seemed like people around me just didn’t get my entrepreneurial spirit either. I’ve wanted to give up on my blog biz several times.

In addition to feeling isolated on my entrepreneurial endeavors, I was tired of dealing with trolls and other entrepreneurship struggles.

Instead of internalizing the stress, I share my experiences so others can either provide tips, sympathize or just have a good laugh.

Fortunately, I haven't had to deal with many but typically I block them. Recently, I received a random message from a troll.

Funny story...well I guess it's funny now. I received a email from a random man stating he's in another country. He was requesting help and shared details about his IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). At first it's annoying (and gross). But sharing it with followers on social media so we can all have a good laugh at the ridiculousness of trolls and haters! What challenges are you facing this week? Let’s hear it!

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2. Share your goals

I decided to post quarterly income reports on my Instagram and FaceBook page as a way to be transparent about passive income earned from my index fund and real estate investments.

These reports will focus solely on my investment income rather than blog business income. Each quarter, I will post the stats on my Instagram and FaceBook page so be sure to connect!

Why do quarterly income reports?

My intention is to shed light on ways that you can invest on your own to also generate passive income.

Hopefully, each income report will illustrate the beauty of compounding interest and inspire you to continue to strive for Financial Independence Retire Early (FIRE).

Join me in reaching FIRE!

If you're new to Not A Bond Girl, you may be wondering how this all came about. This website started out as my passion project to write about my wild journey to reach retirement at age 35.

I made a ton of money mistakes.

The financial setbacks forced me to get my personal finances in order. It took awhile, but I eventually did it.

In light of the #MeToo and #TimesUp movement, I was able to quit jobs on the spot. How so? I had my financial ducks in a row.

Before I got my finances in order, I didn’t feel secure enough to resign...especially without a Plan B lined up.

Ready to swipe left on the 9-5 lifestyle too? Let’s get to it!

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3. Share your wins

What we appreciate, appreciates. It doesn’t have to be money related either. So let’s appreciate each win together, big or small.

With every win, we learn lessons along the way. We look forward to hearing your tips and tricks that worked for you. Join us on FaceBook and Instagram to share your wins!

Let’s celebrate your victories, big and small!

Instagram: NotABondGirl

FaceBook: NotABondGirl

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Financial Independence Retire Early (FIRE). There are a endless ways to create side hustle income and reach FIRE.

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Everyone's financial situation and personal interests is unique. It’s important to try out different side hustles to see what works best for you.

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Before You Give Up on Your Money Goals, Do This Instead