Are Your Goals in Alignment with Your Calling?

Updated: Apr 5, 2020

Are Your Goals in Alignment with Your Calling? goals alignment calling, life purpose, soul purpose, life calling, financial freedom

Feeling like it’s taking forever to manifest a goal? How do you know if your manifesting efforts are in alignment with your calling? You may be on a divinely guided detour towards aligning with your soul purpose.

First, let’s start with a common misunderstanding. This huge misunderstanding can cause a snowball effect towards misalignment. It starts with how we word our goals. Our choice of words impacts our thoughts and feelings.

For instance, let’s say I tell everyone I come across: “I want to be financial independent but it’s a far off goal since I’m in too much debt.”

Through my words, I’m actually vibrating a frequency of lack. Each time I talk about my goal on this basis of lack, I’m using the electromagnetic field to indicate that I am not aligned with my goal.

Electro = thoughts. Magnetic = feelings.

It may seem as if I’m setting an intention for the Universe to support me in manifesting my financial goals. But the opposite is happening.

I’m actually telling the Universe that I’m not financially independent because of outside circumstances. This in turn creates emotions around that state of lack, such as anxiety and frustration.

My mind is so focused on the home that I lack. I want it so bad but it feels impossible. I lack direction because the anxious thoughts and despair cloud my thoughts. In turn, I miss divinely guided messages.

What’s worse, those thoughts create a self-fulfilling prophecy. How do I get off the crazy emotional rollercoaster ride? Fortunately, when I surrender to the Universe, I allow for energy flow to move me forward towards my goal.

The Universe picks up on what we put out on the electromagnetic field.

The Universe is not going to send blessed abundance to negative energy. The healing positive energy of the Universe works with the law of attraction to support us in manifesting goals aligned with our highest good.

For instance, let’s say I operate on a scarcity mentality. The Universe may take me on a divinely guided detour to help clean up by energetic vibrations. By clearing up my energy, I am better able to attract who and what I want for my highest good at a higher frequency.

The divinely guided detour could come in many forms. I may start to feel burned out from all the negative emotions. I may have a meltdown or two. Physical illnesses may start to manifest to force me to slow down and have gratitude towards what is going well in my life.

Let go of the “how” and “when” you will reach your goal.

When you let go of that tight grip, you allow the Universe to work with the law of attraction to support you in manifesting. These priceless detours help you clear your energetic vibrations to be able to attract who and what you need for your highest good.

It’s important to know that delays can happen not only when you hold on so tightly to a particular outcome or a specific timeline. Divine detours sometimes occur when the timing is just not for your highest good.

Sometimes blocks are in place because there are important lessons to be learned prior to achieving a specific goal that requires those attributes once achieved. This includes lessons on patience, forgiveness, and energetic self-care.

All in all, divine detours in manifesting are beneficial because it helps you realign with your soul purpose, your dharma. When you are out of alignment and filled with negative emotions, use those emotions as a compass to navigate your way back to aligning with the frequency of the Universe.

Are Your Goals in Alignment with Your Calling, life purpose, soul purpose

Does the Universe have our back all the time?

One of the most difficult challenge in manifesting is to detach from our expectations. Especially detaching from how and when a particular outcome will happen.

How can we be sure that if we “let go” of a desire that the Universe will support us? If we release our attachment to a goal, will the Universe really have our back?

Beneath attachment, we find fear.

Specifically, fear that we will not get exactly what we need. Fear that if we leave things up to the Universe, we will not be taken care of. Most of all, fear of failure. It’s not easy to release control when there is so much fear!

But here’s what I know to be true from my personal experience with manifesting milestone breakthroughs. In order for abundance to flow into our lives, there needs to be space for it. When we try to our need to control every step of the way, there is very little space for the Universe to support us.

We’ve gotten good at manifesting with the Law of Attraction but forgot about the Law of Detachment.

The surest way to get what we want is to let go of wanting. When we have complete trust in the workings of Universal energy, we remove the blocks to our natural abundance.

Trying to manifest big goals? Surrender again. And again. Big goals don’t manifest overnight unless you’re in full alignment with the frequency of universal energy.

When we make the conscious choice to align with the Universal energy, we allow ourselves to operate from a place of trust rather than fear. Doing so allows the Universe to do its part in aligning opportunities for our highest good.

Many times, these outcomes end up happening better than what we could have imagined.

Yes, this goes for romantic relationships, career advancement, and all the other life categories. For instance, ever notice that when you “give up” on a particular goal, you suddenly see opportunities left and right to help you achieve that goal?

Years ago, I bought my condo and car less than 24 hours apart...and within 24 hours of just moving to a different city. On the surface, it seemed like an overnight miracle. But the manifesting work that led up to the alignment took a lot of manifesting work.

Prior to manifesting my breakthroughs, I did a lot of soul searching and healing which required a lot of surrendering to the Universe. There were days where I didn’t want to get out of bed because I was so angry about work and life.

But the thing about hitting rock bottom is that there’s nowhere else to go but up.

So up I went, slowly but surely. Some days I took two steps back and other days one step forward. Eventually, that led to forward momentum.

Momentum in one life category, specifically my health, created momentum in other categories (finances, relationships, etc.) The forward momentum created more and more positive energy flow into my life.

I kept on focusing on myself and detached from the expectations. By doing so, I was aligning my vibrations to the healing energetic frequency of the Universe. Sure enough, the Universe presented opportunities beyond what I could have imagined.

The key to co-creating with the energy of the Universe is to detach from your expectations of how and when your breakthrough will happen. The moment you let go is the moment Universal energy can start getting to work.

Co-creating with the Universe requires active allowance.

Actively allow the Universe to do its part in configuring what is not in your control. It’s not about patiently waiting around for something to happen. You still have to do your part by tapping into your intuition and taking inspired action.

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Are Your Goals in Alignment with Your Calling? goals alignment calling, soul purpose, life purpose, life calling