Are Pinterest Group Boards Effective in Reaching Your Target Market?

Are Pinterest Group Boards Effective in Reaching Your Target Market?

Are Pinterest group boards still an effective way to reach your target market? Whether you are in group boards large or small, you may have noticed that leveraging group boards are not as effective as previous years. If so, should you start leaving these boards? Will doing so hurt your analytics?

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First, remember how Pinterest rolled out Communities then faded it out, then brought it back? If you are new to Pinterest, that was once a thing and now seems to be making a comeback.

Similar to Pinterest Communities, using group boards in your marketing strategy may have diminishing results. Group boards were once super popular for circulating content.

Lately, marketers are noticing group boards have not been as effective as they used to be. This is especially the case for large groups of let's say 20K followers and hundreds of contributors.

Quality pins over frequency of pinning.

The Smart Feed favors quality pins, not the number of times a user pins throughout the day...which got to be spammy in group boards.

Pinterest algorithms aim to improve user experience by showing more quality pins in search results over the spammy content. Thus, the visibility of group boards was adjusted to provide more value to users.

Tailwind: Engagement Score

How I determine whether or not a particular group board is helping my clients is going into Tailwind to look at the Engagement Score of each board.

In Tailwind, on the left side menu bar, click on Insights. Under Board Insights, look at the Engagement Score. The higher the score, the better that board is performing.

You may notice that some group boards with far fewer followers and contributors are outperforming group boards with large following. Some group boards may even be outperforming your own personal boards.

So take a look at the Engagement Score to help you decide whether or not to stay with a particular group board. What's more effective than Group Boards?

It’s time for a new strategy, one that is closer to the original intent behind group boards. Share fresh content that lines up with the content, description and theme of the group board. Better yet, find your Tribe by engaging with other users.

Tailwind Tribes have been a game changer for many business accounts. Active tribes in your niche can make all the difference in getting your pins and infographics out to your target market.

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