Are Pinterest Group Boards and Tailwind Tribes Effective?

Are Pinterest Group Boards and Tailwind Tribes Effective?

In previous years, Pinterest group boards and Tailwind Tribes were extremely helpful in increasing a user's organic reach. But as with all things marketing- related, algorithms and strategies are constantly evolving.

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Group boards haven't been effective in awhile as such boards are usually dumping grounds. In many ways, this is like dropping a blog link in a Facebook group without any context and expecting people to click and read that article.

Tailwind Tribes are also less effective, even for new accounts. Many have experienced reduced returns. Nevertheless, Tailwind is still a significant time-saver when it comes to pre-scheduling content.

How to Use Pinterest to Market Products + Services

Currently, Pinterest user engagement is at an all-time high around the world. There are over 400 million users worldwide and it continues to attract millennials to Gen X-ers.

Men are the fastest-growing demographic on Pinterest. In the UK, it’s 50% male users.

Unlike posts on other social media sites, Pinterest pins can show up in a users feed YEARS after posting.

ROI: Pinterest vesus Facebook:

Facebook posts only have about a 90 minute half-life at best. For Pinterest pins, it's 3.5 months (without paying a single cent for ads).

When it comes to the return on time investment on Pinterest, it's roughly 1680 times longer than a Facebook post.

How to Use Pinterest to Market Products + Services

Stand out in a saturated market.

It seems like there is more and more noise online each day. So how can you make your products and services stand out?

First and foremost, leverage Pinterest as a visual search engine tool. Not a social media platform.

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How to Use Pinterest to Market Products + Services

New to Pinterest marketing? Already a Pinterest pro? Either way, let's start with the basics first.

In order to make money with Pinterest, there is one key strategy to keep in mind throughout the journey.

The $trategy:

Leverage Pinterest as a visual search engine tool, not a social media platform. By optimizing Pinterest as a search engine, users are better able to drive website traffic and convert leads.

How to Use Pinterest to Market Products + Services

For this reason, keywording is the way to being found on Pinterest. Wait, what the heck are keywords?

Keywords are the words and phrases that users type into search box of a search engine, such as Google, but in our case it's Pinterest.

Users type keywords to find what websites match what are looking for. Some keywords get hundreds of thousands of unique searches a day while others get a couple of hundred.

The most powerful benefit of Pinterest is that it has a soaring potential for traffic generation. Each pin that a company pins to Pinterest is able to include a direct link to the website. For this reason, Pinterest effectively increases traffic to your website.

As you create your multiple income streams, be sure to keep up with the latest Pinterest marketing strategies!

Understanding Pinterest Numbers:

Pinterest Monthly Views don't reflect website traffic. “Viewers” indicates how many people may have seen your own content that you save to Pinterest.

This includes how many people may have seen your own content that others have saved to Pinterest. It also includes views of content you have saved from other people's sites AND views on any Pins you may have promoted.

Instead of tracking Pinterest monthly views, check Google analytics to see how much traffic is coming from Pinterest.

How to Use Pinterest to Market Products + Services

The #1 way to gain traction + traffic on Pinterest is long-tail keywording.

Not building follower count. Sure, having a large following adds to "social proof."

But at the end of the day, leveraging Pinterest as a search engine with keywords helps to rank on Google.

So insert long tail keywords in pin titles + descriptions, board names + descriptions, and your bio profile. When it comes to website traffic, a business with 10K Pinterest followers can have the same amount of traffic as one with 50K followers.

To rank higher on Google, insert long-tail keywords in:

1. Pin titles

2. Pin descriptions

3. Board names

4. Board descriptions

5. Bio profile

Pinterest SEO:

Keywording helps fuel search engine optimization (SEO). A solid SEO strategy leads to an increase in organic reach.

Start with your target market’s frequently asked questions. What questions do you get asked the most about your business?

Then work backwards to determine those key words.

Not sure what specific search terms are your target audience entering into the Google search bar?

How to Use Pinterest to Market Products + Services

Conduct keyword analysis in Google: “FAQ [insert topic]”

For example, since I write a lot about Pinterest SEO, I would enter "FAQ Pinterest" or "FAQ SEO" or "FAQ Pinterest SEO".

Pinterest has potential for both local and global companies alike. Many users are are actively looking for information and inspiration.

Unlike posts on other social media sites, Pinterest pins can show up in a users feed months after posting. The half-life of a pin is around 3.5 months.

5 Recent Facts About Pinterest:

1. Pinterest drives 3.8x greater sales than the average digital campaign

2. 300M Pinterest users around the world

3. 50%+ international users

4. 85% on mobile

5. 200B pins saved

Incorporate keywords

Got those keywords? Great, now it's time to insert those keywords (or phrases) into your pins titles and descriptions. The same can be applied to board titles, descriptions, and your Pinterest profile.

SEO can provide great results.

But only with the right time investment. It's a long-term strategy that pays off in multiples!

There are so many factors to consider when trying to figure out how much time SEO will take to be successful.

Websites typically can see results in 4-6 months. SEO results grow over time. It takes different rates for different websites, different domains.

But the thing is, SEO strategy grows and compounds over time. It gives lasting results. So continue SEO'ing the eff out of your Pinterest pin descriptions, boards + titles!

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How to Use Pinterest to Market Products + Services