How to Be in Alignment to Create More Wealth

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

When in alignment with your soul path, all forms of wealth flows effortlessly. So how do you get in alignment in order to create more wealth?

We have all heard that money is important but it certainly isn’t the key to happiness. That’s probably why we hear of so many people in the world who are rich in money but bankrupt in happiness.

So what’s the secret sauce to being rich in both? Essentially, it comes down to creating wealth beyond money.

Wealth + Wellness = Wealthness

Before we start, let’s get one thing clear. Wealth and wellness mean different things to different people. For some, wealth means financial abundance. For others, it could mean owning a lot of luxury goods.

When it comes to defining wellness, for some, it means being in good health. It could also include having meaningful relationships. There’s no right or wrong definition.

When it comes to increasing your wealth + wellness (wealthness), it’s all about creating positive energy flow. Positive energy flow can be in the form of financial gains, health, meaningful relationships, hidden opportunities, priceless experiences, and so forth.

But increasing your wealthness doesn’t just happen overnight. It’s a lifelong practice. With small but consistent steps in raising your vibrations, various forms of wealthness can flow into your life.

Good news: We can create positive energy flow at anytime throughout our busy day!

A Holistic Approach to Increase Your Wealthness

Most times when trying to achieve wealthness, we do so from a physical, emotional, or mental level. Rarely do we incorporate an energetic level.

A holistic approach can make all the difference in clearing stubborn blocks getting in the way of raising your vibrations and in turn, increase your wealthness. So identify and work through what’s blocking your energy flow.

A common block is spending too much time and energy holding on to a past mistake. We all make mistakes from time to time. Focusing too much on those errors doesn’t serve our highest good. It only holds us back and creates blocks to energy flow.

When things don’t go the way we intended, it’s important to let go. Doing so creates space for new energy (money, opportunities, ideas, etc) to flow in.

In fact, self-forgiveness is an important part of healing and an effective way to increase energy flow. Forgive yourself and others for any mistakes of the past so that you can lighten your load and move forward.

Align Your Vibrational Frequency

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Regardless of your current circumstance, the key to manifest what you want is to be on the frequency of having already achieved it.

Say you want to manifest a new career. What would you wear on that first day of the new job? What would you eat for breakfast that morning?

Start dressing and eating as if you already had that new career. Continue taking small and consistent steps to raise your vibrations to align your frequency accordingly.

Creating your high vibin’ lifestyle doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a lifelong practice. With consistency, various forms of positive energy can flow into life from financial gains, hidden opportunities, and priceless experiences.

Co-create with the Universe

Manifesting wealthness can be like driving in the dark. We are only able to see a few yards in front of us. But that is all we need at the moment to get to where we are meant to go.

Seeing our destination at the end of the long winding road does not necessarily mean we’ll be able to get there quicker. In fact, it can take the fun out of the process of reaching the goal.

When it comes to creating positive energy flow, your role is to give it all you got and try out different activities that resonate with you. All the while, you raise your frequency by continuing to let the Universe to do its part in aligning things for your highest good.

Sometimes what we want in life is not what we need. Trust that the Universe is aligning things for our highest good, even when we don’t see it. The sooner we realize that what we want is not necessarily what the Universe had in store for us, to sooner we are able to adjust.

Like a treasure hunt, follow the clues. Specifically, the signs, symbols and synchronicities that the Universe is sending each and every day. This includes paying attention to angel numbers, noticing coins along your path, and recognizing “coincidences”.

So stay flexible to adjust accordingly. We don’t always see what’s going on in the background but trust that it’s for the better. Release your control and allow your emotions to guide you!

Enjoy the alignment journey towards wealth!

Remember, the journey to achieving any form of wealthness is more fulfilling than having achieved it. After all, life is about the journey, not the destination!

When we view life as an experiment, we are able to connect with our inner child. In turn, we are able to increase positive energy flow. Be willing to experiment with different activities to help you build wealthness.

Not sure if you are in alignment to create more wealth?

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