9 Funny TikTok Videos of the Week

9 Funny TikTok Videos of the Week

Laughter is the best medicine. But staying on top of breaking news can leave you feeling heavy. Lately, I've made an effort to curate content that is uplifting, hilariously ridiculous, or both. Scroll down to watch the latest TikTok videos: @NotABondGirl!

Huffington Post: Swiss Town Coated in Cocoa Powder After Factory Glitch

Make it rainnn...

NBC News: Man Dresses as Grim Reaper to warn Florida beachgoers about coronavirus

Another way to make a point...dress the part!

USA Today Opinion: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC)

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Talk about boss lady moves...

CNN Business News | MacKenzie Scott | Amazon | Donation

Is MacKenzie Scott a baller or what?

Forbes: IRS To Mail 50,000 Wrongly Withheld Stimulus Checks Next Month

When patience is tested...

Wall Street Journal: Millennials Help Power Housing-Market Rebound

Go Millennials!

Bloomberg Business News: Hackers Attack New Zealand's Stock Market

In the words of Cardi B...

Wall Street Journal: OneCoin Took In Billions. Then Its Leader Vanished.

What in the world?

The Washington Post: Stop Springing Forward

Yes, please! No more time changes!

Watch the latest TikTok videos: @NotABondGirl!