8 Steps to Getting Started with Pinterest Ads, aka Promoted Pins

Pinterest engagement is at an all-time high. So why not make the most of the increased user activity? Market your products and services with Pinterest ads, also known as Promoted Pins. Here are 8 steps to help you get started with your next ad campaign...

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What are Pinterest Best Practices?

First, how do Promoted Pins actually work? Depending on your targeting criteria, Pinterest Promoted pins appear in the home feed, in search and related results.

Promoting a pin increases the number of users who see it, including pinners who do not follow you.

If your pin is eye-catching and your content is useful to users, the more your pin receives clicks and saves. This results in website traffic, potential leads and sales to your products and services.

Before getting started, make sure you have optimized your Pinterest business account, to include claiming your website.

1. Ad spend

Each business is different, especially when it comes to marketing budget. While there is no hard and fast answer, the key is to see Pinterest ads as an experiment. As with many aspects of business, it's all about testing and more testing in order to see what works.

Some businesses spend $5 a day and see some activity. However, with suggested bids increasing, businesses may not generate much traffic at $5 per day. Many Pinterest marketers suggest a $10 per day ad spend for at least 30 days in order to see significant results.

2. Campaign Type

There are different campaign types to include Traffic, Awareness and Engagement. Many businesses choose Traffic in order to increase web traffic and ultimately build their email list.

Some businesses want Engagement because they want saves (repins). This usually means running an ad for closeups.

Advance Tip: If your business goal is to build brand awareness, you will likely receive more impressions for your ad spend with Traffic campaigns.

3. Choose Your Page or Post

Which pages on your site convert the best? Do you have a popular blog post that is bringing in the most traffic to your site? Do you have a signature product?

4. Create

I like to use Canva to design pins and infographics. Here are 8 must-haves elements for high-performing pins.

Advance Tip: If you’re directing users to a landing page or opt-in page, you’re required to disclose that.

5. Target Criteria

Select your target criteria. Keywords, locations, genders, devices, languages, interests are all effective ways to narrow down your target audience.

For local businesses, create location-specific pins or even location-specific landing pages to increase your leads and sales.

Advance Tip: While mainly women are on Pinterest, sometimes the men are on Pinterest looking to buy something for the ladies.

Also “unspecified” can be a very active group. Interests tend to convert well, but it can be pricey to target by interest.

6. Target Audience

Targeting specific audiences can be extremely helpful. For instance, if you have warm leads, like those on your email list, you can target your email list.

Other ways to target specific audiences include website visitors, an "actalike" audience and so forth.

7. Analytics

Review your Google Analytics and Pinterest analytics to track conversions. As mentioned, running ads requires a lot of testing in order to determine what images and copy are resonating with users.

8. Rinse & Repeat

After collecting data from your ads, you'll have a lot of insights into your target market and leads. You'll also quickly find out what isn't working, such as particular images or copy.

Keep what is working with your audience and tweak or leave out what isn't working. Then repeat starting from Step 1 for improved campaign results.

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