8 More Funny TikTok Videos of the Week

8 More Funny TikTok Videos of the Week

Laughter is the best medicine. But staying on top of breaking news can leave you feeling heavy. Lately, I've made an effort to curate content that is uplifting, hilariously ridiculous, or both. Scroll down to watch the latest TikTok videos: @NotABondGirl!

Business Week: A Tesla Designer is Reengineering Chocolate Chips

Happy dance for the good news...

Global News: Man Strips Down to Birthday Suit Inside Kelowna Restaurant

Strange behavior caught in Canada...

Business Insider: Why Intelligent & High-Performing Women Fall for Toxic Partners

Life mysteries...

Los Angeles Times: California Lawmakers Vote to Phase Out Toxic Firefighting Foam

California on my license plate. Yasss!

New York Post: Naked Man Caught Showering at Car Wash in Australia

Saving water in Australia...

UPI: Aggressive Beefalo on the Loose in Connecticut


Reuters: UFO in Congo Jungle Turns Out to be Internet Balloon

Big difference...

USA Today Opinion: Thank You For Wearing a Mask

Help slow the spread.

Watch the latest TikTok videos: @NotABondGirl!