7 Ways to Build Brand Awareness on Pinterest

7 Ways to Build Brand Awareness on Pinterest

Ready to establish your business brand on Pinterest? Whether you are offering jewelry, selling a makeup line or a digital product, there are countless ways to build brand awareness for your products and services on Pinterest.

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How to Use Pinterest for Business

What's the secret sauce to building brand awareness on Pinterest? Leverage the platform as a visual search engine tool. Not a social media platform.

Not sure where to start? Let's talk brand strategy and Pinterest search engine optimization (SEO).

1. Consistency in pin designs.

When it comes to pin designs, sometimes it's more science than art. Other times, it's more about bright colors, clear fonts, etc.

Using consistent fonts, colors and images that align with your website will build brand recognition.

2. Use originial photos.

Visuals are an important part of any brand marketing strategy, especially when it comes to Pinterest marketing.

With so many images out there, it can be hard to make Pins stand out. Cut through the noise online with original images on Pinterest.

3. Create infographics.

Infographics tend to have better repin (share) rates than product pins, blog pins, and other types of pins.

Also, infographics are a great way to build brand awareness because they have a higher likelihood of going viral compared to blog pins. However, infographics tend to have a lower click through rate (CTR) than other pins.

4. Create quote pins.

Similar to infographics, quote pins tend to quickly go viral on Pinterest. So if you want to increase brand awareness, create quote pins that are short and easy to read. The quotes can be original quotes or quotes that align with your brand.

5. Story brand.

What's the story behind your brand? When it makes sense, include your brand's story into your business profile, pin descriptions and drive pins to your About page.

What's my story? Recently, I moved from Washington DC to San Diego. Left Corporate, sold my condo, gave everything away, just shipped my car...in that order, within 1 month.

I've never visited this area of San Diego before but love it so far! Now I help businesses market their products and service on Pinterest.

Over the past 5 years, Pinterest marketing has always been a side passion. I blogged under a different name (Eve S.) and Pinterest was my main source of web traffic.

Since resigning from Corporate, I live and breathe Pinterest algorithms full-time! So what's your story?

7 Ways to Build Brand Awareness on Pinterest

6. Integrate Pinterest into your website.

Pinterest’s widget builder allows you to create a customizable, copy-and-paste feed on-site in a matter of seconds. Integrating Pinterest into your website helps to build your following too.

7. Create at least 7 pin per blog post and web page.

When it comes to Pinterest marketing for businesses, creating multiple pins for a particular content, such as a blog post, goes a long way.

This also goes for website pages, such as product and service sales pages. But why create at least 7 Pinterest pins per content?

Marketing Rule of 7.

According to the Marketing Rule of 7, a potential lead needs to “hear” the message at least 7 times before taking action to buy that product or service.

When consumers are used to mindless scrolling, repetition is key.

To stand out in a saturated market, it takes more than having a purple unicorn in your back pocket. Creating multiple pins, be it with slightly different titles or images, can help give a product or service that extra boost.

In Pinterest marketing, repetition helps to keep a brand or product front of mind. Reusing certain images, words and messages can create a sense of familiarity, making it more likely that people will remember a brand.

Continue to build brand recognition over time.

On a scale from 1-10:

1 = Pinterest beginner 10 = Algorithm nerd

Where do you fall?

Most businesses fall between 1-5. Wherever you fall on the scale, the key is to building your brand on Pinterest is to be consistent. It's not about the quantity of pins pinned per day.

What matters more is being consistent with pinning, whether you are pinning once or 10 times per day.

Incorporate simple Pinterest marketing strategies into your business strategy.

The most powerful benefit of Pinterest is that it has a soaring potential for traffic generation. Each pin that a company pins to Pinterest is able to include a direct link to the website. For this reason, Pinterest effectively increases traffic to your website.

Drive more quality website traffic by leveraging Pinterest as a search engine tool. Not sure how to increase brand awareness in a saturated market?

We got you covered. Let's mastermind on how to create multiple incomes streams for your business on Pinterest.

We'll cover how to increase sales in your target market by leveraging your content, drive brand awareness to your specific niche, establish expertise and build a loyal following that organically grows with your business.

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7 Ways to Build Brand Awareness on Pinterest