7 Uncommon Ways to Clear the Money Chakra

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

Ready to clear money blocks? My journey to Financial Independence Retire Early (FIRE) has been a wild ride. But, I did it! Yes, I made a lot of money mistakes along the way. So if I can reach FIRE, so can you!

What’s my secret?

Clear your money chakra. Specifically, clear money blocks to raise your vibrations and attract abundance.

In case we haven’t met yet, my journey to FIRE started when I couldn't stand another day of Corporate life. I became a certified Reiki Master and yoga teacher in the midst of exploring different career paths.

I hustled and got my financial ducks in a row. And at age 35, I did it! Like the stock market, there were many volatile moments.

I wish I didn’t have to learn a lot of money lessons the hard way. But then again, learning is part of the journey to financial independence.

What exactly does financial independence mean?

There are so many definitions of what it means to be financially independent. There are also a number of ways to interpret early retirement too!

Here’s what I mean when I refer to FIRE. Financial independence is accumulating enough assets that work becomes optional.

If FIRE is your goal, then it’s time to start forgiving yourself for those cringe worthy financial mistakes. I’m living proof that financial freedom is possible regardless of your past and background.

What are common money blocks?

There are many misconceptions surrounding money which may lead to limiting money beliefs. Some common beliefs surrounding money are:

“Money is evil”

“Having a lot of money means you are a greedy person”

“Money and spirituality do not mix”

“There is never enough money to go around”

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Money is not “good” or “bad”.

Money is simply neutral energy. Money is an exchange of energy. It is the exchange of one service for another.

Money is a valid form of exchange which is equal to any other form of abundance on our world.

Assess your money history to identify blocks in your money chakra.

Growing up, my parents fought about money all the time. We lived paycheck to paycheck...barely.

Overtime, I saw money as a scarce resource. I also saw it as evil and a source of power to control relationships.

It took me a while to shift out of a scarcity into an abundance mindset.

In fact, it’s still an ongoing practice to bust through limiting beliefs around money. Developing an abundance mindset can be a lifelong learning process even if it just takes a few steps.

Clearing your money chakra doesn’t happen overnight. It’s time to take some simple but powerful action. Let's clear those stubborn money blocks.

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