7 Reiki Tips to Clear Your Money Chakra

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

7 Reiki Tips to Clear Your Money Chakra
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Ready to clear money blocks? Gain career clarity? Achieve financial independence, retire early (FIRE) like a boss? When balanced, the money chakra supports your ability to handle financial challenges with a constructive approach. An imbalanced root chakra may be the source of a scarcity mindset and financial anxiety.

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First, what is Reiki?

Reiki is universal life force energy. It is available anytime and anywhere. You don’t need to be a Reiki Master to channel Reiki to yourself.

All living things are made up of energy. Our bodies are in a constant state of maintaining balance, Reiki is the energy that connects our higher self with everything around us.

You can apply simple Reiki healing techniques to your finances, relationship with money, and past unresolved financial issues. Reiki can also be applied to support your career and even upcoming events like a job interview.

How does Reiki energy healing work?

Reiki energy flows to the place in the body that is imbalanced and requires healing. Placing your hands on or above the part of your body that needs healing allows the energy to be drawn in. The healing Reiki energy will then flow where it is needed.

When you come up against money or career blocks, Reiki is able to help provide you the strength and awareness to handle the challenges.

Since Reiki is always available, whenever you feel tired, stressed, or have any aches or pains, you can alleviate them by laying your hands on your body to channel energy to go wherever it is needed.

Daily Reiki self-treatment

Performing Reiki self-treatment first thing in the morning, even for 10-minutes, will give you a positive boost for the day ahead. A self-treatment at night can help you relax and unwind, leading to a good rest.

Simply place your hands on or above the root chakra area for 3-5 minutes. You can meditate or visualize healing positive white light clearing your money chakra. Another option is to recite the 5 Reiki principles…

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The 5 Reiki principles are meant to be ideals that you strive toward to add balance and peace to your life. It’s impossible to live every moment within these principles.

Nevertheless, you may continue to improve how you manage your thoughts and actions each day so that your actions over time will become a natural way of being.

5 Reiki Principles

Just for today, I will trust.

Just for today, I will love.

Just for today, I will do my work honestly.

Just for today, I will give thanks for my many blessings.

Just for today, I will be kind to my neighbor.

Mantras + Affirmations

Reading the principles in the morning and evening may be helpful for focusing on these ideals. You could also carry them with you or have them visible in a place you visit often.

The 5 principles will have different meanings for everyone. You may wish to meditate on the principles to see what they mean for you.

You can also focus on the energy of each principle and what it feels like. Holding the intention is more important than the semantics of the principles.

As with everything in life, the amount and type of energy you put into something is in direct proportion to what you will receive in return. By dedicating time for yourself and your well-being every day, you’ll experience the benefits of Reiki.

All it takes is small but consistent steps with daily Reiki self-care practices.

Reiki energy works with the law of attraction to help you raise your vibrations to attract what you want into your life.

If you are are an empath (highly sensitive person), you may tend to feel anxious, restless and overwhelmed more than most people. You may often feel fatigued and notice negative thought patterns continuously surface.

By incorporating Reiki energy into your routine, you can clear money blocks, raise your vibrations, and be in the energetic flow all on your own.

According to the law of attraction, we are able to attract what we want in life by holding space for that thought. By doing so, we allow the universe to deliver our goals to us.

By holding positive energy, we attract positive results. After all, money is energy!

Different types of symbols are associated with a unique set of beliefs regarding the nature of their symbolic forms. Reiki symbols are a part of a group of symbols that enable you to connect with and harness energy.

The symbol itself does not possess any power of its own but is used to access the power.

The Reiki symbols facilitate a connection with different aspects of Reiki energy. There are many different ways to draw a particular Reiki symbol, but they are all equally effective in connecting with Reiki.

Rather than getting caught up with the most effective variation of a symbol, it is better to focus on the intention and purpose of the symbol.

Although intention alone can activate the power connected with the symbols, it’s best to understand the meanings of each symbol. It is not necessary to completely understand the meanings of the symbols before using them.

A basic understanding of the Reiki symbols will enrich your experience when using them.

The symbols are reminders that there are ways to focus on different aspects of the Reiki energy when used correctly in your Reiki practice.

Symbols have been used for centuries to convey messages and when used by large groups, can hold a specific vibration. Although practitioners can effectively utilize Reiki energy without the use of the symbols, the symbols help to amplify the energy during a session.

Ready to incorporate more Reiki healing techniques to achieve more peace and balance in your busy lifestyle?

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Simple Reiki Level I, II and III Techniques

There are many ways of practicing Reiki. I learned Reiki from an inspiring Reiki Master, Lisa Powers. Lisa is the author of Reiki: Level I, II, and Master Manual.

The Reiki: Level I, II, and Master Manual is a helpful and easy to read guide for anyone who wants to learn Reiki. Whether a beginner or advanced practitioner, this guide shows how to perform Reiki on yourself and others.

According to the Reiki: Level I, II, and Master Manual, by incorporating Reiki into your busy lifestyle, to include your self-care routine, you can achieve emotional and physical wellness…even if you only have minutes to spare.

We are all born with the power to heal ourselves.

Many different people are drawn to Reiki. They may seek Reiki to heal physical imbalances or when searching for answers to life’s mysteries.

Regardless of your reasons for pursuing Reiki, you will benefit most from this healing modality by being open to it. Fears and doubts can create blocks that prevents a clear view of what is possible.

When you are ready to work with the universal life force, it is key to realize as with every profession, there is a need to first practice and master the skills associated with healing.

With time, practice and experience you can master the skills and techniques.

Treat the early months as a learning experience as this allows you the time you need to develop your confidence and skills.

The more you work with Reiki, the more intuitive you will become. You allow your vibration to be raised and will experience a more balanced lifestyle.

Healing emotional, physical and energetic imbalances around money.

According to the Reiki: Level I, II, and Master Manual, Reiki energy healing has been used successfully all over the world to heal emotional, physical and energetic imbalances.

With this guide you will have detailed support as you learn how to perform Reiki on yourself and others.

This guide will be helpful for individuals wishing to explore Reiki before taking a formal class. It can also be used as a manual within Reiki courses. Those wishing to review their understanding from their Reiki courses will also find this manual helpful.

Check out the Reiki: Level I, II, and Master Manual here!

Money is energy. In order to increase positive energy flow, Reiki symbols can help to clear stubborn blocks.

There are four commonly used symbols.

The symbols can be used when working with others or self. The intention that is held when using the symbols is very important. You may find it helpful to visualize the symbols as live energy.

Cho Ku Rei - The Power Symbol

Cho Ku Rei (CKR), pronounced cho-koo-ray, means “placing all the power of the universe here.” It is the power symbol and considered an amplifier. This symbol is sometimes referred to as the “light switch” because it powers on and activates the other symbols.

Use the Cho Ku Rei Symbol For:

Activating other symbols




Food, drink, plant, animal, etc.

Career (under desk, telephone, computer, etc)

Home (under doormat, pictures, cup boards, etc)

Want to learn more about how to use the power symbol?

Check out the Reiki: Level I, II, and Master Manual here!

Sei Hei Ki - The Emotional Healing Symbol

The second symbol is the Sei He Ki pronounced say-hay-key. This is the emotional and mental symbol used primarily for emotional and mental healing. Sei-He Ki balances the right and left brain.

Use the Sei Hei Ki Symbol For:



Mental Illness

Drug/Alcohol abuse



Finding lost items

Interested in learning how to apply all the different Reiki symbols?

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Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen - Distance Healing Symbol

The third Reiki symbol is the Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen (HSZSN). This symbol is known as the distance healing symbol, and is used to transcend time and space. Like all of the other symbols, the Cho Ku Rei symbol is used first to activate the Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen.

Use the Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen Symbol For:

Healing the past

Enhance future conditions

Heal across time and space

Preparation for upcoming events

Ready to create more positive energy flow using Reiki symbols?

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Interested in Reiki self-care techniques?

Me too! I love learning about energy healing. There are so many different Reiki styles and techniques to learn!

Although I’m a certified Reiki Master and yoga teacher, I continue to attend Reiki workshops just to learn about the different styles of Reiki.

In fact, I received my Reiki training from several Reiki Masters. Ready to also learn simple Reiki Level 1, 2 and Master energy healing techniques?

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