5 Reasons Why the Law of Attraction Isn't Working for You

Feeling stuck in manifesting your goal? Tried everything from positive affirmations to shifting your thought patterns? There could be up to five reasons why the Law of Attraction isn’t working for you.

The Law of Attraction is a universal principle that describes the way in which our thoughts create our reality. We are what we think, consciously and unconsciously.

Who and what we attract into our lives reflects our thought patterns.

According to the Law of Attraction, by shifting our thoughts, we can change what shows up in our lives. Basically, by changing our thoughts, we can shift our feelings and behaviors. This, in turn, changes what shows up in our day-to-day.

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When we put out thoughts of scarcity, we attract more scarcity. When we shift our thoughts to sharing and giving, we receive the same energy back.

For instance, if we complain that we never have enough time, then we tend to attract rushed deadlines and other time constraint situations.

If you would like to attract financial abundance, begin thinking thoughts of financial abundance rather than financial lack. This is part of the reason why I don’t cut coupons to save money.

Bottom line: Act as if

Rather than thinking thoughts about wanting a particular goal, the Law of Attraction encourages us to think thoughts about already having achieve our goal.

Some of the examples to “act as if” includes dining at a nice restaurant, dressing as if you already received that job promotion, or whatever financial abundance means to you.

While a powerful manifesting tool, the Law of Attraction has limitations. Practicing the Law of Attraction does not mean that you should begin to live in a permanent state of delusion or self-deception.

While shifting your thoughts is a powerful tool for drawing in what you want, it’s not a replacement for inaction. Like building a muscle, manifesting takes consistent steps towards reaching your goal.

Here are five reasons why the Law of Attraction may not be working for you:

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1. Is it for the highest good of all involved?

What you are trying to manifest may not be the highest and greatest good of all involved in the situation. Perhaps the timing is not yet right for it to manifest or there is a better option for you.

Looking back at my romantic life, there are times when I realized how I dodged a bullet. Trying to manifest a happy and healthy relationship with a particular guy? There may be someone even better!

Here are ways you may be missing hidden opportunities to manifest wealth.

2. Do you really want it?

Is your goal in alignment with your authentic self? Do you really want what you are asking for or is there an unconscious reason?

While unemployed, I applied to countless jobs online. Many of the jobs I was overqualified for but I kept applying out of fear. Fear of running out of money, fear of failure, and the list of fears go on.

Deep down, I did not want those jobs. And sure enough, I got numerous automated rejection emails. Didn’t even get to an interview!

3. Do you really believe it’s attainable?

Your conscious mind may be saying one thing but your unconscious mind may be saying the opposite. No worries, this is common!

So ask yourself, do you truly believe your could have what you are asking for? Is it realistically attainable?

4. Not clear enough?

Want to manifest job autonomy? Well, freedom means different things to different people. Do you want to work on a solo project or work remotely? Maybe you want to work in a team environment but just with a different manager.

Get specific on your goal in order to have a better compass to navigate with along your journey. This way you are better able to notice signs, symbols and synchroncities from the Universe to help you along the way!

5. Too attached to a particular outcome?

You may not be able to receive what you are asking for when the Universe is trying to give it to you. This is often because you had too fixed an idea of exactly how your desired outcome should unfold.

Set your intention, take action, and be open to endless possibilities. The moment we surrender is when open to the Universe to get to work.

Here’s how to practice the Law of Detachment.

It’s all about co-creating with the Universe. Ready to clear those stubborn money blocks?

Raise your vibrations to attract wealth.

The key to clear blocks getting in your way of being in the energetic flow is to align yourself to vibrate at the frequency of where you want to be in life.

By incorporating a holistic approach, you are better able to raise your vibrations to attract financial abundance.

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5 Reasons Why the Law of Attraction Isn't Working for You