3 Ways to Use Reiki for Your Financial Goals

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

3 Ways to Use Reiki for Financial Goals, reiki finances, reiki goals
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Can’t seem to get very far with your financial goals? Striving for financial freedom is no easy feat. Using Reiki to support your financial goals can help you better attract resources and opportunities throughout your financial journey.

But before we go over some simple simple Reiki techniques, let’s cover the basics...

What is Reiki?

Reiki is universal life force energy. When you incorporate Reiki into your busy lifestyle, you are better able to gain an overall sense of wellbeing and raise your energetic vibrations.

We can all access universal energy at anytime throughout our busy day. Whether or not you are a Reiki master, everyone has access to the healing power of universal healing energy.

Reiki energy works with the law of attraction to help balance your chakras (energetic centers). When your chakras are balanced, you are better able to raise your vibrations.

Different styles of Reiki

There are many ways of practicing Reiki. I first learned Reiki from an inspiring Reiki Master, Lisa Powers. Lisa is the author of Reiki: Level I, II, and Master Manual.

The Reiki: Level I, II, and Master Manual is a helpful and easy to read guide for anyone who wants to learn Reiki. Whether a beginner or advanced practitioner, this guide shows how to perform Reiki on yourself and others.

According to the Reiki: Level I, II, and Master Manual, by incorporating Reiki into your busy lifestyle, to include your self-care routine, you can achieve emotional and physical wellness…even if you only have minutes to spare.

How does Reiki energy work?

Reiki goes to the place in the body that is imbalanced and requires healing. Placing your hands on or above the body allows the energy to be drawn in. Reiki energy will then go where it is needed.

When you come up against personal and/or professional difficulties in life, Reiki is able to help provide you the strength and awareness to handle the challenges.

Daily Reiki self-treatment may help to prevent sickness and bring your life into focus and balance quickly. Accordingly, practice Reiki self-treatments to recharge your energy daily, not just when difficulties or illnesses surface.

How can you use Reiki to support your financial goals?

1. Reiki principles:

The 5 Reiki principles are meant to be ideals that you strive toward to add balance and peace to your life. The principles aim to improve how you manage your thoughts and actions each day so that your actions over time will become a natural way of being.

Use the Reiki principles as your daily mantras or morning affirmations. Doing so helps you set the tone for the day. Starting off each day vibrating at a higher frequency will help you match the vibrational frequency of where you want to be in your finances.

  1. Just for today, I will trust.

  2. Just for today, I will love.

  3. Just for today, I will do my work honestly.

  4. Just for today, I will give thanks for my many blessings.

  5. Just for today, I will be kind to my neighbor and every living thing.

Reading the principles in the morning and evening may be helpful for focusing on these ideals. You could also carry them with you or have them visible in a place you visit often.

The Reiki principles will have different meanings for everyone. You may wish to meditate on the principles to see what they mean for you.

Check out the Reiki: Level I, II, and Master Manual by Lisa Powers here!

3 Ways to Use Reiki for Financial Goals, reiki finances, reiki goals

2. Reiki goal setting:

Write down your money goal(s) on a piece of paper. Place this paper in your wallet, purse or somewhere where you can see it throughout the day.

Energy flows where attention goes. Thus, each time you bring awareness to your goals, you are channeling energy to your goals.

When manifesting financial goals, the universal energy can help us with a lot of the heavy lifting when we allow it to. The moment we detach from how we want an outcome to turn out is the moment the universe can start getting to work.

Part of co-creating with the universe requires active allowance. I’m not talking about patiently waiting around for something to happen. But rather actively allowing the universe to do its part in configuring what is not in your control.

Inspired action is not doing “busy work.”

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There’s a difference between doing “busy work” to figure out how to achieve your goals. That’s when we end up getting in the way of our own manifesting. Why not take a more direct path by allowing the Reiki energy to guide you along the way?

When you actively allow, you are being open to receive signs, symbols and synchronicities from the universe. These messages can save you a ton of time by guiding you towards the next steps.

You are better able to receive messages from the universe by tapping into your intuition.

3. Reiki meditation:

When in doubt, meditate it out. Visualize positive healing Reiki energy flowing from your root through your crown chakra. Envision the white light flowing through you and connecting you to your higher self.

You can do a Reiki meditation at any time during the day. Some people prefer to do so right before going to bed in order to receive intuitive hits during their dream state.

Remember to stay in the present moment in order to pay attention to your surroundings. Spirit, guides and angels often send us signs, symbols, and synchronicities throughout the day.

But we don’t always pick up on these messages because our mind is “busy”. When the mind is still, particularly during our dream state, we are able better able to receive intuitive hits.

Ready to incorporate more Reiki healing techniques to achieve more peace and balance in your busy lifestyle? Apply healing positive Reiki energy to help heal the past, ease the present, and enhance the future.

According to the Reiki: Level I, II, and Master Manual, Reiki energy healing has been used successfully all over the world to heal emotional, physical and energetic imbalances. With this guide you will have detailed support as you learn how to perform Reiki on yourself and others.

This guide is helpful for those wishing to explore Reiki before taking a formal class. It can also be used as a manual within Reiki courses. Those wishing to review their understanding from their Reiki courses will also find this manual helpful.

There’s been a lot of hype around the health benefits of Reiki energy healing despite the holistic practice having been around for centuries.

In fact, Reiki has been covered quite a bit in mainstream media, from Newsweek, The Drs, Oprah, and even Vanity Fair.

Regardless of the hype, Reiki has been used to enhance the effectiveness of various healing modalities for many decades. The healing energy will go where it is needed and do what is needed to facilitate shifts and natural healing.

Check out the Reiki: Level I, II, and Master Manual here!