3 Ways to Reduce Static Shock for Empaths

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

During the winter months, the air is dryer and chances of static shock increases. In fact, during this season, I get shocked at least three times a day. This could be when touching a doorknob, taking off a wool coat, or even when turning on the faucet to wash my hands.

Winter can be an unpleasant time of year for many people who like to be in the sun, enjoy outdoor summer activities, and appreciate longer daylight hours.

For many years, I had the seasonal blues during the late Fall to early Spring. It wasn’t just the winter blues. As soon as daylight savings rolled around, I was became a different person.

I tried everything from sunlamps to taking extra Vitamin D supplements. Some of it helped but overall, my mood was for the most part very low.

Having been born and raised in Hawaii, then going to college in Boston, I felt like a zebra in the Arctic. After four years, New England winters did not magically transform me into a polar bear.

In fact, I was so afraid of winters, I started getting the blues during the as soon as the leaves changed colors in October. What seems to be the favorite time of year for many, not so much for me!

Sure, the orange and yellow leaves were beautiful, but it was an indicator that summer was over and the next 4 months (usually longer because yes, I do count!) was going to be uncomfortably cold. I didn’t look forward to getting shocked during these months.

Getting shocked happens to all of us. But does it happen more frequently to energetically sensitive people, aka empaths?

What about energy healers, like Reiki Masters? After all, the energy flowing through the hands of an energy healer vibrates at a higher frequency than non-practitioners.

Energy healer or not, our bodies are energetic by nature. For instance, our bones resonate at lower frequencies while our thoughts vibrate at higher frequencies.

Static electricity is the result of an imbalance between negative and positive charges in an object. These charges can build up on the surface of an object until released. One way to neutralize the charge is through a circuit.

3 Ways to Reduce Static Shock for Empaths

When taking proactive measures during winter, you may feel more in control of your life since we can sometimes feel helpless when the weather is out of our control. If you are like me and get the winter blues, there are many ways you reduce static shock to help make the season more bearable.

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If it is the case where those who are energetically sensitive are experiencing more shocks, here are 3 ways to reduce that unpleasant occurrence. Whether you are getting out of the car, trying to relax at home, or working at the office, trying these pre-emptive strategies:

1. Getting out of the car:

It can be annoying to get shocked when you close that car door after getting of the vehicle. Sometimes, it even hurts!

The rubbing of your clothing against the car seat results in the transfer negative charges, or electrons. So when you exit the car, your body collects extra electrons.

The electrons cling to your body until they can be released. So when you touch the metal car door, you get a shock.

Before getting out of the car, place your hand on the metal part of the door or door frame. This way, when your back rubs against the car seat as you get out, the charge transfers directly to the car.

When you close the door behind you, your clothing will not be carrying a different charge than the vehicle. Thus, you will not be getting shocked!

2. Touching the door knob, water faucet, and other metal objects:

There are multiple benefits to using a humidifier at home. Using a humidifier helps to increase the moisture in a room.

Doing so reduces the number of shocks when opening doors, washing my hands, taking off a sweater, brushing my hair, and so forth. I occasionally use my humidifier as a diffuse by adding drops of sage essential oil to clear any negative energy.

Using a humidifier also helps with meditation as breathing exercises are more comfortable on the nasal passages.

Don’t have a humidifier readily available? Fill a large pan or mixing bowl with water and place it in each room.

Got laundry to dry? Hang it around the home to increase the moisture in the air. Also, consider not turning on the vent while showering and simply open the bathroom door after a shower. This allows for the moisture to spread to other rooms.

3. Clothing and linens:

Dryer sheets and fabric softeners are your best friends. Fabric softener helps to reduce the static electric build up on our clothing. When washing your clothes and linens, add extra fabric softener to minimize the chances of getting shocked.

Dryer sheets can also be placed in the pocket of your coat or work trousers to reduce electric charge buildup from friction.

Placing dryer sheets in sock drawers, hampers, and handbags not only helps to minimize shock, but also makes these items smell better!

If you use a dryer, consider using extra dryer sheets in a “cool” or “low heat” cycle setting.

Bonus: Wear cotton vice wool. Apply extra lotion on your hands. And be mindful of not dragging your feet when walking!

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3 Ways to Reduce Static Shock for Empaths