3 Uncommon Ways Entrepreneurs Can Use Pinterest to Promote Their Business

Got an online-based biz? Pinterest is a great way to promote it if you optimize it as a search engine. 

Pinterest has helped to improve my website traffic within a matter of months. On my best month, my account received 1.5 million monthly views. How did I get to there?

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Monthly traffic after using Pinterest:

Pinterest started out as a social network in which many would share recipes and other hobby tips. Over time, it shifted to a visual search tool. What does that even mean?

Basically, Pinterest functions like a reverse image search.

Users can take a photo/image and the smart search will return related pins be it with similar designs, colors, etc. Pinterest is constantly updating this Len's features and its accuracy.

More people are using the search features on mobile. Thus, it makes sense that Pinterest would want to move them front and center.

Daily traffic after using Pinterest:

What does that mean for your business?

Other than uploading images that link to your website, there are many other ways to leverage Pinterest as a search engine. 

Here are three uncommon ways I use Pinterest for business.

1. Curate your account

Throughout Pinterest, there are numerous businesses that have over 100 boards spanning across knitting to early retirement. Sure, they have over 50K followers but how many of those followers are warm leads that generate into sales?

When it comes to quality leads over quantity, the secret is the curate your Pinterest account to your specific niche. After all, the "riches are in the niches". 

Here's why I'm a firm believer that you only need 100 genuine followers to run a profitable and sustainable business.

So how do you curate your account? Start with you title and bio. Get specific on who you help and what value you are providing. 

For instance: My bio addresses a pain point and how I can help. My profile title also includes who I help: NotABondGirl | Digital Marketing for Micro-Influencers

2. Curate your boards

It's ok to have boards on different topics but you really don't need 10 boards on the same topic. As I've mentioned throughout my blogs, micro-influencers can have much more reach than macro-influencers.  When in a group board of 20K followers and 1K pinners, it's hard for a pin to show up at the top of any pinner's feed. 

A quality pin can get buried quickly. The key is to participate in group boards that aren't too big, have high engagement, and aren't filled with spammers.

3. Curate your pins

Throw out the 80/20 rule. I used to recommend the 80/20 rule when pinning other users' content.  

But at the end of the day, there is no hard and fast rule when it comes to curating quality, not quantity.

So no need to share 80% of other people's content and 20% of your own. Algorithms will not ding you as a "spammer" if you only ever pin your content. 

Simply remember to curate good content.

It's all about consistency over frequency!

So if you pin 5 times/day consistently, it is much better than pinning 100 pins all in one day and none the following weeks.

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