3 Simple Ways to Pitch Your Biz + Stand Out in a Saturated Market

Updated: Sep 15, 2019

3 Simple Ways to Pitch Your Biz + Stand Out in a Saturated Market

The online market can seem saturated by bloggers, YouTubers, podcasters all saying and selling the same thing. And when it comes to pitching, how do you stand out? Even having a purple unicorn probably wouldn't make the cut these days! 

Not too long ago, I took off the "contact" button on my homepage. The numerous pitches just got too much. 

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Though I do want to connect more personally with others, it takes a lot of time to sift through the canned language pitches. Ultimately, I want to work with those that I can genuinely help further their mission. 

Below are key elements that can help strengthen your next cold pitch.

1. 3 lines to Build Rapport

Over the past year, I've been pitched several times by podcasters. I said yes to only one because her mission really resonated.  Her pitch also stood out to me as it was clear that she knew my mission and me. She has gotten to know what I'm about through reading my blogs and taking one of my courses. 

Ultimately, cold pitches need to get right to the point while being authentic. No more than 3 sentences as we are all busy...and who has time to read emails?

2. Pain point upfront

Once I read a cold pitch email that I resonate with, I visit the person's site for further information. If the homepage is clear or salesy, it's a no-go.

For instance, I like the homepage of Festi, a social app that aims to minimalize emails. I connect with it because it gets right to the pain point of Millennials. 

As a millennial myself, we are known as the burnout generation having grown up with the "dopamine fix" from likes and follows starting at a young age. Festi understands the importance of digital minimalism in today's culture.     3. Personal storytelling

It doesn't have to be a long drawn out story. I can even be a one-liner so long as it's authentic. 

For YouTubers, the key is short videos focused on series of personal stories. Not "in your face" promotions. Use the 80/20 rule of marketing. 

3 Simple Ways to Pitch Your Biz + Stand Out in a Saturated Market

Basically providing value majority of the time. For example, if your business focuses on helping millennials reduce digital burnout, I would use this personal experience: 

  • 30 second video on how one time I received a group text about a get together. The group text started getting off topic, I didn't know half the cell numbers in that group, and one time I looked at my phone with 42 new texts by that group. That video would end with "what are your thoughts on group text ettiquette?" Don't mention anything about your business. Just engage the audience.

  • Next 30 second video(s) would mention another personal story/pain point to further connect and engage the audience on FaceBook, YouTube, Instagram, and wherever else.

  • Final 30 second video would subtly bring a personal experience where I was able to eliminate the pain point through your product/service

  • Other short videos: behind the scenes of the founder, 3 main differences between your business and competitors

Bonus: Niche your pitch

When it comes to explaining your product/service, the 30 second elevator pitch would depend on the audience. 

For instance, let's use the pain point of dealing with digital burnout. For millennials, it may be helpful to highlight lack of community building in a digital age or battling lonliness in today's culture. 

For Gen-Xers, the pitch may be addressing the pain point of constant miscommunication over electronic communication. 

Ready to up your marketing game?

Apply digital marketing strategies to stand out in a saturated market! Let's cut through all that noise online. When it comes to organic website traffic and building your community, it comes down to two things....Keep it simple. Keep it real. Whether you are just starting out in business or an OG, let's make sure your digital marketing strategies are squared away.

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3 Simple Ways to Pitch Your Biz + Stand Out in a Saturated Market