3 Productivity Hacks That Save Me 3 Hours a Day

Updated: Sep 15, 2019

Running a blog biz is no joke. Every minute is precious when it comes to entrepreneurship. Sometimes, I feel like I left a 9-5 to work 5-9. But once I started getting systems in place, I have been able to work much less hours than when I was in Corporate. Today, I'm sharing my top 3 productivity hacks that save me 3 hours (or more) each day.

The 4-Hour Workweek. Ever since reading Tim Feriss' book, The 4-Hour Workweek: Escape 9–5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich, I started thinking of how I could work with more intention. 

As background, the book covers how to break free from the 9-5, create a business to fund the lifestyle of you want, and live life like a millionaire, without actually having to be one.

Half way through the book, I realized that investing in automation systems and other people to help me with my weak spots would be a game changer.

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Though I work more than 4 hours each week, I definitely freed my time up to work on projects and tasks that I enjoy doing. It seriously does not feel like work.

Rather than wasting time on trying to be more productive on tasks that I'm not good at (or don't enjoy), these days it's a different type of hustle.

So what productivity hacks helped me to save hours each day as a digital marketer? Here are my top 3 secret weapons...

3 Productivity Hacks That Save Me 3 Hours a Day

1. Outsourcing the Number Crunching

My biggest weakness. I don't like dealing with numbers when it comes to tracking my revenue and expenses. 

I'm ok with numbers it comes to my personal finances but business bookkeeping is the bane of my existence. Just can't stand it.

That's why I outsource to my CPA, Amy Northard. I highly recommend her virtual bookkeeping support via her Be Your Own CFO Services.

Understanding your business financials are imperative for future success of your business. While your accountant should be able to assist you in understanding this information, Amy also provides a lot of education on her blog, YouTube channel, and her Be Your Own CFO Course.

2. Instagram Automation

Currently, Instagram is the one of the fastest growing social networks and it drives the highest engagement. Though I don't spend much time on it, I know I should stay in the game.

Unlike FaceBook, you can build a presence organically and drive free traffic and sales without the use of ads when it comes to the Gram. In order to do this you need to post consistently.

Which is why I choose to automate. So that I can get back to designing my pins and SEO-ing the heck out of them =)

On the scheduler app Tailwind, posts can be scheduled to go out at the most optimal time. The posts can be optimized to drive the highest engagement and traffic. 

Tailwind was created specifically for scheduling and Instagram. It has an array of advanced features that most other social media apps don’t have. 

Start scheduling your IG posts on Tailwind today!

3. Pinterest Automation

Pinterest is my first highest referrer of social media traffic to my website. For many businesses, Facebook is first. But most of the traffic Facebook refers is likely through ads.

That's why I choose Pinterest as my primary marketing platform. I'm all about applying the best productivity hacks after all!

That's why I use Tailwind to easily schedule to pins and infographics in advance. 

Since being able to automate at optimal times throughout the day, my content gets posted while I sleep! There's definitely no FOMO when it comes to using Tailwind.

To utilize both Pinterest and Instagram automation, you'll need the Enterprise Plan. But you can get a free trial using my Tailwind referral link!

Automate both your Pinterest and Instagram content to post at optimal times!

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3 Productivity Hacks That Save Me 3 Hours a Day

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