3 Prenatal Yoga Poses for Active Women

Prenatal yoga classes are becoming increasingly popular not only at yoga studios, but also at gyms and hospitals. These classes are even being integrated in various corporate wellness programs.

Many women who are expecting can testify that their hips and lower back feel the most tension during pregnancy. Many yoga poses help bring circulation to those tight hips and ease lower back tension.

As a prenatal yoga teacher, my students have mentioned a number of their favorite poses. It's hard to narrow it down to just three. After all, everyone's body is different.

Overall, a well-sequenced asana can bring about an overall sense of well-being on the physical as well as mental level.

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On the energetic level, yoga poses and sequences can open and align the chakras. A well-sequenced asana practice can free up energy and stimulate imbalances in the energy centers.

This not only enhances the yoga practice, but also provides a sense of balance, grounding, and calmness in life off the yoga mat.

As each stage of the pregnancy is different, certain poses seem to be a favorite depending on the trimester a prenatal yogini is in.

After having taught a number of prenatal (and Hatha) yoga classes to pregnant women, the following three yoga poses have been an all-time favorite among prenatal yogis.

Why? Because these poses not only help to open up the hips, but also counter all the sitting during the day.

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1. Resting half pigeon:

Resting half pigeon increases the range of motion of the femur bone in the hip socket. It also lengthens the psoas muscle, a primary hip flexor connecting the torso and legs.

This pose also helps to ease tension in the lower back. Placing a blanket below the sits bones can help to ease any pressure on the hips while holding this pose.

Depending on how far along the yogini is, some modifications may be needed for those farther along their pregnancy.

2. Runners lunge:

Runners lung stretches both the hips and glutes. This pose also increases the strength of hamstrings, quads, and legs.

Deepen the pose by shifting the weight forward and back. Doing so helps to open up the hip flexors even further as well as challenge the balance. Placing a blanket or blocks below the knee helps to ease any pressure on the knee that is on the mat.

Again, depending on how far along the yogini is, some modifications may be needed for those farther along their pregnancy.

3. Butterfly pose:

Butterfly pose, or baddha konasana, is also known as bound angle pose. It opens up the hips, stretches the inner thighs and knees.

The pose also helps in smooth delivery if practiced regularly during late pregnancy. Placing a blanket under the outer thighs helps to support the knees. Placing a blanket pr blocks under the sits bones helps to raise the hips and support the lower back.

Through consistent practice, prenatal yogis tend to notice more ease in the lower back when sitting, walking, and standing.

This in turn creates space for a greater sense of peace and balance in life off the yoga mat.

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3 Prenatal Yoga Poses for Active Women