3 Life Changing Lessons From Scrolling Facebook

3 Life Changing Lessons From Scrolling Facebook

Facebook and I have a love hate relationship. Over the past decade or so, it has prolonged a few heartbreaks when I used it to stalk ex's. The nonstop highlight reels of everyone's seemingly glam lifestyle led to a lot of false comparisons traps too. So I don't have the app on my phone and rarely post on my personal account.

Every year or so, I'll check-in and then regret doing so all over again. Here are three life changing lessons I learned each time I'm scrolling Facebook.

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1. Grass Isn't Even Green on the Other Side

Of the handful of times I posted on my personal page over the past few years, it has usually been a travel photo or someone has tagged me at a beautiful destination wedding. While I'm rarely traveling or attending lavish events, it appears I'm living it up.

If a friend saw my Facebook profile and photo albums, they would never guess that I was burned out at my 9-5 for the last three years of my career in Corporate. So much so that I once quit on impulse even with many years left on my mortgage.

Even when I see posts of friends' weddings and exotic vacations, I know it's not always what it appears to be on the surface. And that goes for a lot of milestone life events from having children to buying a first home.

The grass isn't always greener on the other side especially when it comes to married life or even when traveling on vacation. Heck, the grass isn't necessarily even green on the other side!

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2. Change Your Metrics, Change Your life

When I go down the comparison rabbit hole, I get in a deep dark funk. Sometimes this funk lasts for days. I compare myself to friends who are married, friends who announce they just made partner at their firm, to friends who are baby number 3.

3 Life Changing Lessons From Scrolling Facebook

While those are societal metrics that mark life milestones, it doesn't always equate to universal happiness. Happiness is so subjective. Marriage isn't for everyone. Having children isn't for everyone. And heck, traveling to exotic locations isn't for everyone!

Changing your metrics on what determines happiness is the key to happiness. Once I realized that we are all on different paths, none better or worse than the other, I have an overwhelming sense of inner peace with where I am in my own life.

3. Celebrate the Humble Bragging

Most people posting on Facebook are basically humble bragging. Maybe even just straight up bragging. So let's celebrate it together!

We are all on different paths so why no support each other along the way. No need to waste time and energy being jealous or dissecting the intention behind the post. If it's good enough to share with the internet world, then why not support one another.

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