11 Questions to Ask a Pinterest Manager Before Hiring

Updated: Sep 15, 2019

11 Questions to Ask a Pinterest Manager Before Hiring

Looking for an experienced, results driven Pinterest manager? Need a social media specialist to increase click through rates and grow traffic to your website? Before working with a Pinterest manager, be sure to ask the following questions to make sure he or she is a good fit. 

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Below are 11 questions to ask a Pinterest manager before committing to any agreement. I've included my responses for reference.

1. Do you generate your own images/ do you use product images or how?

I prefer to use original photos vice stock photos for pins. For instance, in the case of a stationary business, I would create pins using photos of the stationary businesses' advice cards, invitations, notepads, etc. I create all pins on Canva, typically with some text overlay depending on the product/service.

2. How do you write your descriptions/titles/keywords?

For Pinterest business marketing, I use Pinterest as a search engine tool rather than a social media platform. I conduct market research to review competitors. 

Then I perform keyword searches on the Pinterest search bar and use those search engine optimized words and phrases in the pin descriptions. I also use hashtags in pin descriptions in order to optimize the new Pinterest algorithms. 

Typically, I create 2-3 titles to conduct an AB test in order to see which title is most attractive to the target audience.

3. Do you do advertising and promotional pins?

Yes, however I do not think you need to promote pins just yet. I believe if you have a strong foundation set up, we can see if organic traffic is sufficient to keep pace with business. 

We would need to see which pins go viral over time and then promote accordingly. It would take some time to test pins and we can explore promoting pins later down the line if needed.

4. Will you create pins that directly link to my Etsy/Amazon sales page? Pins that link to Amazon will take a hit in Pinterest algorithms. It will show up less frequently on feeds because Pinterest favors pins that link directly to your claimed business website. 

I would still recommend linking some of your pins to Amazon but at least 80% should be directed to your site in order to increase the number of repins/shares and ultimately drive sales.

5. Do you also manage any other social media platforms?   I have managed Instagram, FaceBook and YouTube accounts in the past. Feel free to check out client testimonials on my service page if you would like to see results from my previous clients.

Currently, I no longer manage social media platforms outside of Pinterest. However, I'm more than happy to conduct social media audits and marketing plans for you to have a blueprint to work off of.

6. What past project or job have you had that is most like this one and why?

Please see the Not A Bond Girl Service Page containing a portfolio of past Pinterest management support. It includes screenshots of viral pins and recent stats.

With my past experience in managing Pinterest accounts for small business, I can monitor and track and your analytics. I will also adjust to current Pinterest algorithms in order to build a following and drive organic traffic.

My business portfolio is https://www.pinterest.com/NotABondGirl/

11 Questions to Ask a Pinterest Manager Before Hiring

7. What questions do you have about the project?

What is your target market audience? Do you track Google Analytics daily or weekly?

8. Why do you think you are a good fit for this particular project?

I have composed numerous blogs on Pinterest business marketing strategies on my site: www.NotABondGirl.com. Feel free to also see the Not A Bond Girl Service Page for previous Pinterest projects, testimonials and stats.

9. Would you update pin designs/graphics?

Yes, I would use Canva to do so, I recommend designing pin templates that are more original (consistent font that match your site, pins should match colors of your website-red/black/white, among other branding strategies). 

Having managed Pinterest for small businesses over the years, generic templates tend to be overused. In order to stand out in a saturated market, I recommend working on the business branding so your pins are easily recognized by your target audience. 

I'm more than happy to go further into recommendations in the audit so that if you ever do want to design pins on your own, you have a blueprint to work off of.

10. Would you be able to manage/set up Tailwind (SmartLoops, Tribes, Scheduling)?

I would be able to help pre-schedule pins to optimize pins however, there is a limited amount of pins that can be uploaded before the free trial is over. The same goes for Tribes and SmartLoop. 

I use the basic plan for my business and other clients typically find the basic plan to be sufficient too. Here is a $15 off referral link if you have not already set up the initial free account: https://www.tailwindapp.com/i/NotABondGirl

11. What are your estimated hours/wk?

20-25 hours/month is sufficient to help increase website traffic and sales.  I would use the first few hours to curate your boards, board descriptions, and profile in order to better target your audience. I would also conduct competitor analysis to have a benchmark to work off of.

Depending on an initial audit, I am estimating that the first few weeks will be a lot of the heavy lifting. During the first month or so, I conduct AB tests for pins in order to determine which titles, colors, etc resonate with the target market. Then I build a template off of that. 

Once your boards are polished and there is more automation systematized, the hours/week would decrease. For now, I am estimating 5-7 hours/week for the first few months, then closer to 5 hours/week after that. 

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11 Questions to Ask a Pinterest Manager Before Hiring