Time to change careers? About to resign without a Plan B?


Let's get your financial ducks in a row ASAP.

Whether or not you plan to change careers immediately, it's always a good time to get on top of your finances.

Having your finances in order can help reduce the overwhelm and stress surrounding your career transition. 

Learn how to:

  • Financially prepare for your career change and resignation

  • Establish an action plan for a smooth career transition

  • Create passive income streams to build your financial runway

  • Develop your millionaire mindset to work through money blocks

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  • Course

    * CLOSED *
    • Passive income & money mindset strategies for career change
    • Q+A Support: Discussion Forum
    • Planners & guides to build your financial runway
    • Checklists for emergency fund & financial goals
    • Videos: Personal finance, business & career change
  • Strategy Session

    * Available *
    • 90-minute strategy call
    • Develop personal finance strategies for smooth career change
    • Create timeline for personal finance & career goals
    • Develop action plan for career transition
    • Bonus: Corporate Dropout Course ($297 value)
  • Mastermind Month

    * CLOSED *
    • 1 hour strategy call for 4 weeks
    • Develop action plan for career change & financial goals
    • Accountability for career, business & financial goals
    • Assess strengths & interests for passive income strategy
    • Work through money mindset blocks
    • Bonus: Corporate Dropout Course ($297 value)

Contact: LSoulatha@gmail.com


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Reviews & Testimonials:

"The personal finance resources & accountability helped me take a more calculated leap of faith. Despite all the unknowns, I felt confident in leaving the corporate world knowing I had ongoing support!" -Stacey James, Corporate Dropout 2021

"I highly recommend working with Lotty! Can't thank her enough!" -Pam Hughet, founder of East by Midwest

"I resigned with more peace of mind...The course helped me with building my financial runway, emergency savings plan, and work through money blocks." - Kara Ann Lee, Corporate Dropout in 2020

"After working with Lotty, I was able to create 3 passive income streams & go full-time with my business!" -Katie Crawley, Corporate Dropout in 2021

"Thank you for helping me develop a strategic marketing plan to reach my business goals!" -Elisa Park, founder of Elisa Park Photography

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