No time to figure out Pinterest SEO? Ready to reach your target audience?

Let’s get your Pinterest marketing strategy squared away to stand out in any niche.


Pinterest Marketing Services are for businesses that need to:

  • Increase leads + sales in a target market

  • Drive brand awareness to a specific niche

  • Establish expertise + credentials in a saturated market

  • Build a loyal following that organically grows with business 

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Pinterest full service account management includes:

  • Pinterest business account setup/cleanup and management

  • Tailwind SmartLoop, Tribes, and pre-scheduling optimization

  • Pin and infographic designs for blogs and website content

  • A/B testing of pins to generate viral content

  • Auditing + managing content to schedule and post on Pinterest

  • Promoted pin management (up to 5 pins); Minimum $10/day ad spend

  • SEO and content strategy development to build your brand + increase sales

  • Keyword search, content gap analysis and competitor analysis

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Ready to generate more traffic + build brand awareness?


No more stressing over changing algorithms on social media! Do what you are best at, running your business. I will handle the behind the scenes details to increase your brand visibility, drive website traffic and generate quality leads.

Looking run ads on Pinterest?

  • Save time by outsourcing your pin promotions to generate viral content

  • Save money by optimizing current audience following

  • Save resources by implementing the latest Pinterest strategies


Let's work together to:

  • Identify areas where you can optimize Pinterest as a search engine

  • Leverage content across different social media platforms

  • Optimize the latest Pinterest algorithms + strategies

Pinfinite Marketing's current clients include:


  • Interior design company

  • Athletic apparel brand

  • Therapists & health professionals

  • Men's business casual clothing company

  • Fintech app startup

  • Social network app startup

  • Baby product brand

  • Jewelry design company

  • Pharmaceutical company

  • Graphic designers

  • Fashion designers

  • Financial investment firm

  • Accounting firm

  • Real estate company


Our clients are primarily located in San Diego, Los Angeles, New York, London, and Sydney.


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  • Influencer Marketing

    Every month
    * Available *
    • Over 1M monthly views on Not A Bond Girl's Pinterest account
    • Over 20K followers across all social media platforms
    • Daily pinning of your content on Not A Bond Girl account
    • Direct organic traffic to your website, products & services
  • Full Management

    Every month
    *Not accepting new clients*
    • Setup + cleanup business account
    • Over 20 pin & infographic designs per month
    • Daily management of pins via Tailwind, up to 900 per month
    • Monthly Pinterest analytics report
    • AB test of pins/infographics
    • Tailwind Communities/ Smartloop Schedule
    • Pinterest Promoted Pins - Ads management
    • Bonus: Influencer marketing ($250/mo)
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In addition, we helped these local small businesses expand their target market:

"Our organic reach increased by over 3000% in under 3 months. Before working with Pinfinite Marketing, we wasted a lot of money on ads. Now we know we didn't have to spend a cent on ads to increase our target market reach! Thank you!" ~ KC Digital Marketing Agency, LLC

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"Thanks for helping me reach my target audience even before having a website set up. Not only did my following on other social media platform skyrocket but so did my brand awareness." ~ Tarsis Humphries, Influencer 4X Black Belt Brazilian Jiu Jitsu World Champ
"Who would've thought you can market to men on Pinterest? Love these results!"

"Before I made the change, I averaged less than 50 daily visits to my website from Pinterest. After I made the change, I had over 700 visitors from Pinterest in a single day! Thank you!" ~ Pam Hughet, Founder of East By Midwest

Pinterest Marketing Not A Bond Girl

"I was attempting to promote my website on Pinterest for almost two years without much success. Pinfinite Marketing recommended some simple and easy ways to improve my pins. Within a week of implementing her changes, I had my highest performing pin to date!"

"This is my highest performing pin since I started using Pinterest! I'm so excited about the stats on this pin!! I changed the format after our first session (and subsequently stopped using all caps after our second session). Thank you for your help!"


"Digital marketing can be tricky when algorithms keep changing...especially for Instagram + FaceBook. I learned a lot of great social media marketing strategies and simple tricks to boost my following. Need to increase your following and generate website traffic for you business? Pinfinite Marketing helped me stand out in a saturated market!" ~ Elisa Park, Owner of Elisa Park Photography

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