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Hey future Corporate Dropout,


Welcome to the community of new and soon-to-be Corporate Dropouts!


When I quit Corporate, I didn’t tell my family and most of my closest friends. Each of the three times I quit without a Plan B, I lied to them.

Telling them my resignation plans would have caused overwhelming concern and added stress. 


Instead, I informed them of my career change after the fact.

It wasn’t easy for them to hear but they eventually accepted my decision after they saw how much happier I was.


Having a solid support network is the most important yet most overlooked must-do.


Before I resigned, I worked with a business coach, career counselor and talked with various mentors.

Perhaps everyone is trying to give you advice. But none of their suggestions are helpful? 


Don't have an idea what you want to do next? Take a year off to reset? Start a business? 

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Watch my story:

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Before you resign, build a sufficient financial runway. 


At the very least, have a 6-9 month emergency fund to cover basic living expenses.

I learned the hard way that health emergencies happen at the worst possible times.


The last thing you want is to do a sloppy job on important admin work that can impact your finances such as:


  • find out when you'll receive your last paycheck

  • obtain employment verification paperwork: references, phone numbers, & mailing addresses

  • check your eligibility for employee benefits

  • research alternative health insurance options

  • check on unused vacation and sick day payouts

Time to change ASAP?


Let's make your career change happen!

Having resigned multiple times, I learned a lot of things the hard way. 

I cover all my lessons learned from the corporate desk to becoming a corporate dropout in the resources above.

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