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Quiz: Best Passive Income

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Not A Bond Girl: Passive Income Strategist


What's the best way to make passive income...that is easy too?

Let's start with my story...

Over the years, I played around with different passive income ideas. I made a ton of mistakes and learned a lot of hard lessons along the way.


In my mid-30s, I reached financial independence retire early (FIRE) by replacing my salary with passive income.


I was finally able to leave a career that was no longer a good fit by creating multiple income streams from investments and side hustles


More importantly, it was time to get away from East Coast winters! So I quit my job, sold the condo and moved across country. I gave everything away and just shipped my car. ​

We all know it's not an easy journey to financial freedom, let alone change careers.​ Join me along my new chapter in sunny California!

A Corporate Dropout's Guide to Passive Income:

For years, I tried different passive income strategies, from creating digital products to index fund investing.


Eventually, I got to get a feel of what I enjoyed doing and let go of the activities that were not as enjoyable.


Here's one thing I learned...


​The best passive income strategy for you is one aligned with your strengths and interests.

Not A Bond Girl.png

Tell James Bond to step aside. It's time to run your own show.

That's right, don't be a Bond Girl. No more of that side kick stuff. 

I tried leaving the corporate life 3 times.


The first time was ugly and messy. Second time was a little better. Third time was the charm. 

Each time I quit, I didn't have a Plan B.

While I don't recommend resigning without a plan, sometimes you know when enough is enough.

Creating passive income helped me leave the 9-5 lifestyle once and for all. It wasn't easy leaving a steady paycheck and company benefits behind.


Those golden handcuffs are no joke!

Having passive income allowed me to leap with more peace of mind. To help others create passive income streams, I put together this Passive Income Quiz.

I cover all my lessons learned from the corporate desk to becoming a corporate dropout.

So join our community where we'll cover passive income to personal finance tips!

Quiz: Best Passive Income Idea for Your Personality!

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11 Things About Lotty


  1. Passive index fund investor

  2. Investment portfolio: 0% Bonds

  3. Pinterest marketing nerd

  4. Founder of Pinfinite Marketing & Not A Bond Girl

  5. Corporate dropout turned millionaire next door

  6. Masters in International Relations (University of Sydney!)

  7. Business management & economic major (Boston College!)
  8. Certified Yoga Instructor + Reiki Master

  9. Born & raised in Hawaii

  10. Globe trotting minimalist

  11. Pet peeves: winter weather & brain pickers​

Ready to create passive income too?


There are so many ways to create passive income streams. It doesn't mean you have to do it all.


Start with one passive income strategy and see which works best for you! Which passive income idea best suits your personality?

Quiz: Best Passive Income Idea for Your Personality!

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